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Monday, April 25, 2011


Mississippi town figures out simple, effective way to stop Westboro Baptist Church funeral protest

April 23, 2011 ·Brandon, Mississippi will go down in history as the town where the Westboro Baptist Church met its match.
The lunatics showed up to protest at the funeral of local hero Staff Sgt Jason Rogers who was killed in Afghanistan, but left town without making a peep. They may have made a few moans and groans, but no peeps.
Westboro Baptist is really more of an asylum than a church
The Hayride has the righteous report:
A couple of days before, one of them (Westboro protestors) ran his mouth at a Brandon gas station and got his arse waxed. Police were called and the beaten man could not give much of a description of who beat him. When they canvassed the station and spoke to the large crowd that had gathered around, no one seemed to remember anything about what had happened.
Rankin County handled this thing perfectly. There were many things that were put into place that most will never know about and at great expense to the county.
Most of the morons never made it out of their hotel parking lot. It seems that certain Rankin county pickup trucks were parked directly behind any car that had Kansas plates in the hotel parking lot and the drivers mysteriously disappeared until after the funeral was over. Police were called but their wrecker service was running behind and it was going to be a few hours before they could tow the trucks so the Kansas plated cars could get out.
A few made it to the funeral but were ushered away to be questioned about a crime they might have possibly been involved in. Turns out, after a few hours of questioning, that they were not involved and they were allowed to go on about their business.
No lawyers. No judges. No counter protests. Just a good old fashioned ass kicking.
That’s exactly what the Westboro lunatics have been asking for, so it’s only fair that the good folks in Rankin County gave it to them.
Next time, put it on pay per view and make a fortune for the widows and children of the military heroes. We know we’d pay to see it.
Update: We thought we should include the video that accompanied the original story. It’s the view from a trooper’s dash cam recording the escort of Marine Staff Sgt Jason Rogers as hundreds or even thousands of onlookers gathered alongside the roadway to pay their respects.

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