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Friday, March 11, 2011


America were in trouble,big trouble.obama is pulling all the strings,Hes proven now he will go as far as sacrificeing lives,to push his agenda.America has spooken clearly,socailisum will not ever come to america.So now obamma uses force,brutal force,with no respect for life.Americans will soon start dieing because of obamas determination,to get his new world order he dreams about,He paid the unions billions of our dollars to get him what he wants.(a socailist goverment )America we have a mad man running this country.Were are the republicans,the right,weres the out cry.Obama is useing the same tacktics as hitlar-or stallin,but nobody says anything,let a member of the right,mention hitlar they go crazy.America,were gonna have a ruff summer,people are gonna start dieing,blood will flow in our streets soon,if we dont have enough problems,Obama recrutes mikele moore to insight riots in the streets,tells our children to strike,refuse to go to the same time obamas on tv-with bush,talking to kids on how bad bulling is,obamas well paid union army is on the streets doing what obama told our kids was wrong.So i guess its do as i say,not what i do.Never in american history has a presadent ever openly attempted to to distroy this country,use mob unions to inforce is agenda,use our children as sacrafices,to push his leftist agenda,this presadent is a crimminal,and hes leading our country.I prayed we could sit on the side be nice,show restraint,not act like these animals,but im afraid that will be imposable.real patriotic americans will have to be called to arms,before this is over.our own presadent,is willing to sacrafice humon life,to get what he wants,if im wrong plz tell me i am,but i see union thugs ,paid by obama,doing brutal acts of violence,agenst non sapporters,i see moore,openly insighting riots,telling our children to get scared our children are about to get hurt,or killed ,to give obama and his army there excuse to use guns.America ive been yelling for months,there wont be a 2012 election,and you can see now there wont be.we will be under marshel law vary soon now.obama has pre planned all this,obama is evil.and a lot of people feel under his spell.msnbc has become obama and moores meg-aphone,there just as guilty.My friends were about to go to war,within our own borders,obama has lied his way into the white house,and the right politions are eather clueless,or in on it,not sure.but if you dont stand up right now,insist he be removed right now,were about to start dieing,god help this country,the anti-christ has arrived,your about to die because you wont stand up,your about to die because our elected officals are afraid of him,the united states of america,is about to die.god help us,im(lock and loaded)i lived my life as a free american,ill die a free american.(DONT TREAD ON ME )unless obama is impeached in the next few weeks,the war is on,arm yourself america.

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