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Sunday, March 27, 2011


America i never thought id ever see the day that i would turn against my party,But over the years demicrats have strayed away from there core values,the values i was raised on,Our country has be sold out in the name of money,power.It hurts to think a scum bag like george soros,A openly proud american hater,A german /isrealie,a man that choose hitlor over his own jewish religion,A man who openly admits his only reason for liveing,is to distroy america,After all this the demicratic party choose to side with this monster,for his money.they now hes here to distroy our country,but yet the demicrats,excepted him with open my opion,thats ( flat out treason )against this country.And america stands buy and continues to support these treasonists.America In the proud american spiriot,you must punish the intire party,i cant find a demicrat,who still believes in the freedoms our country offers anyone who wants it.there sapporting this radical presadent in every way they can.You cant blame just obamma,he would be a lame duck presadent if not for the demicratic party giveing him everything he wants,the dems-wrote up this cluster fuck of a health bill.,this bill has billions hid in it,to pay back supporters for there backing.polosie and reid,snuck in 105 billion after the bill was voted on,that nobody new about,there ashammed,after carter,i told my self never again will i ever fallow party lines,i voted carter,you see what we best vote i ever cast,a vote as a demicrat i was proud to cast-was for ( the gipper.)i was pround as a demicrat to vote for him,i voted bush see i vote for whos best for the job,not because of the has nothing to do with my voteing,and it shouldnt matter to you.dem,or republican,dont matter,you vote for the person best see what party line voteing gets you, (( OBAMMA )) the worst mistake america ever elections we have america we better get it right.were to close to distroying ourselfs.soros owns the demicratic party,we have to vote against any demicrat,its not worth the chance.dems will tell you whatever you want to here,to get elected,look at todays dems,that servived the 2010 routing they got in november.our local politions havent changed,same ole shit,same ole politics,going on right here in henderson,and evansville.god i wish i can find 1 demicrat that still believes in total constatutional law,smaller goverment,strong military,and strong american values,i cant,ive looked.SO WHATEVER ELECTION YOU HAVE AMERICA,DOWN TO THE SMALLEST,LOCAL GOVERMENT JOB,think before you cast that vote.We cant fix this corrup political machine over night,So the next best thing ,vote um out,then plz before you ever vote again,make sure you check out that canadate before you vote.(AMERICA WE MUST GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME ) we must.Because they refuse to close our borders,because obamma and the dems have invited millions of illegals,into this country,the crime rate has risen,inocent americans have died,our children have been raped,and all the dems can say,were safer now than we have ever been,my god do they really think were that stuppid.But the biggest problem of all,is obamma has allowed our known enommies,into our country,with his arms exstended,welcomeing radical muslums into our country.building camps,active muslum training camps right under our noses,under the protection of our presadent,and the freedom of religion act.wake up america,theres a reason why obamma refuses to show his birth cirtific,theres a reason why his school records are sealed,his demicratic base coverd his ass well.hes kinyon born,and is a mulum,hes not american.think about it,think outside the box america,why would the demicrats seal all his records,they now hes not leagal.but his abuility to smoth talk common people,his abuility to organise people,the dems seen a chance to regain totle power over was well scripted and planned.when bush left office we were 560 billion in debpt,thats a lot.but with 2 wars going on,coulda been worse.under obamma and the demicratic party,14 trillion in debpt,in 1 year.can u grip that,thats more money spent in 1 year,than all our presadents spent in 117 yrs,yes since washington,and you can not blame just obamma,we wouldnt be in debpt that far ,if the demicrats didnt give him the you see america who really is at fault here,obammas just the puppit,the demicratic party runs him,and george soros runs them.(WE MUST GET THIS NEXT ELECTION RIGHT,)-as 1 if we unite america we can repair the damage ,but it will take time,theres been a lot of damage done.just be alert,theres a reason the dems dont fear us or obamma,theres no fear about 2012 elections,why,because another election isnt in there plans,( MARSHAL LAW ) is in there eyes,marshal law means no elections,party in power stays in power.obamma stays in power,and socailist rule begins.youve been cheated ,used and lied to my demicratic friends,i seen the lite,i pray you do.we must take back our country,and 1 more thing,marshal law can not be inacted,if you dont give him a reason,to inact marshal law,the country must go into turmoil,rioting, must stay the real bad news,radical islamic terrist have been allowed to enter our country,obamma protects them,theres a reason.were about to be attact vary soon,your islamic nabors at anytime will get the word,and hells gonna cut loose,america were about to be hit soon,our nabors are going to try to kill as many as they can,they have to ,its in the karan,there bible,we are infadels,a muslum must kill all infadels,thats why our islamic presadent let um in,its part of his plan,we get attact ,they start cutting our heads off,if thats not bad enough,our econnime is screwed,thats part of his plan,hunder willdrive people do do crazy shit,all this combined at once will drive this country into anarky,giveing obamma a reason to call marshal law.that happens we loose,america ,freedom,liberty,all gone,all this will happen before 2012 me im right,we have only 2 means of hope and servival here,we can still stop a lot of this,almost impossable,because were so divided as a nation,but unite insist obamma leave office right now,this summer or sooner,we put strong leaders in,fire his intire corrupt cabnet,bring our army home,to defend us,close our borders,if we can do this,we can servive this,up to you america,you dont have much time to decide,freedom -or socailist rule.diside quick.if you sit there and say im crazy,you will loose,there are no second chances here.we live or die.god bless this country,we will need it.

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