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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Obama Hires Al Sharpton to Start Race War Before New Congress Is Seated.

Many people has expected Obama to try anything in his power to stay in power.With the country on to him,and his aproval rateings below 30 %,he relises The end is near,Even though republicans are saying it,Impeachment is on his mind.With not a lot off options left,Ferguson mo ended up being a dream come true for him.,Obama and his att general black activist eric holder disided ferguson mo will be the beginning of  obamas full blowen race war,The setting is perfict,white cop /kills black kid.Obama tryed it once and failed,with the skittles kid,with lessions learned there,they went to ferguson to plant the seed.of hate,but obama new he needed more than holder,he needed the king of race baiters Al be the leader of this war.Today news broke that money,lots of moneys been flowing into the hands of local gangs,the new black panthers,local leaders around the town,folks the amount of money flowing in is so much,it can only be coming from 1 place.the vary highest levels of goverment.yes your tax dollars are being funneled threw the system into the hands of  al sharpton,the black panthers and local gang leader,why,pmt for burning down the city of Ferguson,and riots.Im sure al sharpton relises this poor part of america will riot for a pack of cigarettes,and with Al  Sharpton owing millions to the irs Im sure i no were most of this money will end up.You scratch my back ill scratch yours.America you can lead a horse to water,but ya cant make him drink.America obama has lead us to the water,we no its poisoned,are you gonna drink it.Americans need to relise if you loose control and fight back,thats what obama needs and wants.every major city will play a big part in obamas plan to issue marshal law,dont fall for it.I am clueless how to reach inner city kids,there programmed that there life style is white americas fault.They cant see outside the inner city life style.there leaders have programmed them like a terrorist programs there idiots to blow themselfs up.theres no difference.they still believe the civil war was over slavery,when we no it was commerce,money,every war started was over the same thing,yet they still think it was slavory,another exsample most of black americans are cluless that mlk was a registered republican,yet they vote for a democrat 80% of the time.not reliseing the kkk was started by demarcates,basically they support there slave masters,Why ???,,America we always new obama was a raceist,,we always new holder is a raceist,and we always new the Democratic party was useing race as there leverage against republicans.this stratagy worked vary well,and the republican party is still afraid of obama and being accused of being raceist.If america dont wake up and relise our nation is at danger of collapsing.Obama needs to be impeached asap.but youll not find a republican willing to say it except for a few teapartyers.teapsrty wont be enough,we need all republicans in on this.So untill they do it,or untill youve had enough and force them to,you must stay kool,if this blows up marshal law will be orderd.Its up to us the people of this country to keep this country going.were protected by our constaution,we have the law on our side,but were up against a renegade raceist goverment who can care less about this constitution careful be calm,and insist obamas impeached asap.obama needs marshal law before the new congress is seated.keep that in mind.

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