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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama Now Responsable For 27 American Deaths-When Will America Wake Up.-America Must Demand Obamas Removal,--A.S.A.P-Or Marshal Law Will Be Issued Soon.

Its a sad day in America,Sept 11th,2012,the Libian embassy's To the us ,was brutally murderd,,He was killed over piss poor policies,made by president Obama.He allowed the brother hood to take over libia,and egypt,both embassy's are now under attact.When will americans wake up,when will they see we have been betrayed,hes just a few reasons why there is no dought onama is a failure or worse a trator,Yes he gave the order to kill ben-laden,but without the determination and hard work and the policies of president bush,and the hard work of out intel- agencies,was it even possible.obama came in after our intel finally found him.obama came into the picture after 8 years of a 10 yr hunt,obama didnt get (benladen)=bush and the special forces got him.But theres a problem with this time line,obama gives the order for the seals to take out this terrist,and a few weeks later obama allows 22 american seals 2 board a old-low flying chopper,and a few min later 22 seals are dead 4 specail forses advisers and 3 airforce advisers are also killed.never in our history gas 22 specail forces personal ever been allowed to travel together-why would obama order this.was it a mistake-or was it arranged,pay back.was our seals lifes sacraficed as a reward to the muslums.???I think it was.And today our embasader to livia is assanated by the muslim brother hood,what more does americans need 2 say enough,when will americans say leave obama,now.Its clear obama is at best incompatent,,and worse case stenerio,he really is a sleeper,implanted here by (osama,ben-laden).???is it possable-yes.Ive been yelling for years now,nobody has over 30 americans are dead at the doings of obama,when will americans rise.the most importent election in our life time will be here in 2 months.we have a choose,we eather vote for god-to lead us-or the prophit mohamad.who will you vote for,,my votes on god and rommine-we already no who the dems are voteing for-there all  trators to our country.America you have 1 month to insist obama step down now.dont wait,dont be violent-piecefully march on washington.its in our constatution ,we can do this.marshal law us obamas only hope,dont give him a reason,america your out of time,act now.

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