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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Doomsday Stanerio America Feared-Might Have Already Been Launched.Are You Ready To Die.

Its 3am ,the countrys fast asleep,Americans are completely unaware,that south of our boarders a deal has been made,radical islamists are preparing the worst,devastating attack on american soil,bigger than 9/11,a bio-logical attact has just been launched.and obama cant do a thing about it,anthrax-has just been smuggled into america threw  tunnels between america and mexico.the release of this deadly infestation will kill millions,once its released it cant be stopped.god help us 2/3rds of the american population is about to be wiped out,within weeks.god cant even help us now.Well did that get your attention america,well i hope so because reality of this happening is just months away,maby even weeks.radical Islam has already made arrangement to do this,the tunnels into america will be the route.America theres no time-left.This president has allowed this to happen,if he is not a muslim,he sure must like them then.its gonna happen ,i see no way to stop it,the left wing voters are brain washed,they think the right is lieing,its been perfectly coordinated by left wing and right wing politicians.both sides are guilty of treason.62 communist party members are actively in congress creating laws to destroy us not save us,allen west is dead on.we have been this video then repost this artical everywhere,its important this message gets out,might already be to late but we must try.

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