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Friday, March 23, 2012

Young Mother In Need Of Critical Surgury ,This Young Women Needs Your Help.

My friends Im writing this because im caught between a rock and a hard place. My niece has a health problem,that will cause her to loose her ability to walk,This procedure is only done by 2 drs.Its called,((stevens johnson syndrome ))This thing is progressing,,the problem in if its not operated on,with in the next 3 weeks,it will start effecting her ability to walk,gradually taking her ability to walk all together.She has all bit 1500.00 for the procedure,total cost is 5000.00.I hate to ask for help,but were running out of time.She cant get ins,because shes being refused,because its a pre- existing problem,So much for Obama care.Plz ,if anybody can help is plz donate,if your a dr who nows this diagnosis and can help her plz do.She just had a new baby,Plz if you can help us ,donate now,time is crucial.and plz if you would post and repost this articular everywhere,we need your help.Jessies a good person ,help us now,thank you.

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