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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Has Americans Lost There Will To Stand Up And Fight For This Country,Why Do Arabs,And Russians,Protest In There Countrys,Forceing There Crooked Leaders Out,While Americans Just Sit And Take It.-Will Christain Americans Soon face Death,Because of There Faith in God-And Not In Obama

America was formed,structured,and created,by people who believed,all men were created equal.That all men,should be all they can be,If they wish to work for it.What happened,Were did the bright,fearless,American go.Has america really died,Has americans really turned there backs on god.Is america about to Become the new rome,and burn.All sighns point to total devastation,and colaps,long before the 2012 election.Unless theres a greater power,intervenes,Americas about to collaps. The sad thing is the american people are allowing it to happen.A complete political party has been brainwashed to believe obama is the matter what he does or says,he is right.He speeks,the left lissions,what happened.Has all demicrates lost touch with there faith,there belifs,there god.or did the bible get it right.And nobodys lissioning.Has the anti-christ returned,like revolations said.America im scared we have waited to long,Im afraid its to late.Can we retake our nation,can we remove the evil running our nation.Can americans restore god to this nation of once freedom loveing country.(Yes we Can )-Bit once again we will have to loose more american lives for the cost to regain our freedom.Theres no dought vil has taken over congress,People like polosie,reid,and doz"s of politions are non believers,god hateing evil-mfers.hell bent on our distruction,ALA-Is at the helm of our country.were being lead by a muslim,just like the bible said it would happen,yes obama os still a muslim,inteligent americans now this,OBAMA ADMITED,While campaining he once was a muslim,but converted to christianity.Ya right.Anybody with a lick of sence nows a mulim can never-ever leave its faith,to leave the muslim religion,is a death sentence.there bible says it is.That same koran,tells its fallowers to do what it takes to distroy there enimmies,kill all infadels.were ever they are,This same book tells there fallowers to lie,cheat,become like there enommie,to gain there trust,so they can kill these people.yes there book tells them to lie,cheat,become there enommie,gain there trust,then kill them.What more does america have to see before they relise,obama is nothing but a evil god hateing muslim,planted by muslims,to distroy us from within,The sad thing,they went after the people who were most helpless,poor americans,non believers in god,power hungry scum-bags,only interested in themselfs.and this is on both ends,republicans and demicrates.Were done america.bloos shed is our only hope now.The question is are you willing to fight the devil.are you willing to fight in the name of our lord.revolations warned us,americans were to stoopid to see it.Can we retake without bloos shed.dont think so.but we can try.But theres no time to waste,You must rise now.If americans rise in masses accross this nation,its possible.the alternative is much worse.According to the bible we have 1 year to accomplish removeing this evil in our country.wont be easy.The bible says no man shal; now when i return,but the sighns were laid out for date the bible has been 100% right on.To date the bible has laid out our future our way of life,and has been 100%-dead on.How can even atheus,non believers dispute this book.Its dead on.But they do.So america theres only 1 answer for there refusal to believe in god.THEY ARE THE DEVIL,HE HAS RETURNED.If this is true,then the end is near.Do we face the brutality obamas about to inflict on us or do we fight Its now time.Do you support this smooth talking anti-christ.-or do you support the bible.god,freedom for all.Good has always won over evil,will it win again,or do we burn in hell.

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