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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Obamacare Ruled Unconstatutional-After Princes Polosies Tactics Were Exsposed.

Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional; Americans Favor Repeal Almost 2 to 1

Yesterday's ruling by a federal district judge, declaring that Obamacare's individual mandate is unconstitutional, is a noteworthy blow to the highly unpopular overhaul and its ultimate prospects for survival. The New York Times writes:
A federal district judge in Virginia ruled on Monday that the keystone provision in the Obama health care law is unconstitutional, becoming the first court in the country to invalidate any part of the sprawling bill.The individual mandate – the requirement that Americans buy federally approved health insurance whether they want it or not – is, indeed, Obamacare's "keystone provision."  Without it, younger or healthier Americans would sensibly opt out of buying health insurance (until they get sick or injured) thereby leaving Obamacare's taxpayer-subsidized insurance "exchanges" to cover everyone else in the non-group market, regardless of preexisting conditions or costs. 
Medicare's chief actuary has already projected that, over ten years, Obamacare would raise overall U.S. health costs by over $300 billion in relation to projected U.S. health costs without Obamacare. But without the individual mandate, Obamacare would cause health costs to skyrocket – by a lot more than "just" $300 billion. Thus, without the individual mandate, Obamacare couldn't realistically stand.Besides all the unconstautial flaws in the bill,The way it was passed has many wandering,How a bill this unconstatutional,A bill totaly dispised by americans,could possably passed,It leaves americans wandering ,just what polosie did behind closed doors,that convinced demicrates to go against there constituents, and pass this cluster of papers,that seemed to only support obamas contributers.Vary little in the bill had anything to do with healthcare,billions was alicated to unions,and friends of obamas,polosies,and reids friends.It looks like princes polosie,used a little under the radiar tactics,to convince demicrates to vote this bill into law.This bill woulda put ex president bush in jail for life,bit the demicratic president,doesnt seem to mind shreeding the american constatution.Well mr obama ,2012 is just around the cornor,If you think the Nuremberg trials were a big thing.You aint seen nothing yet.And princes polosie youll fit right in,next time you diside to pass a bill while on your knees,id recomend make kerry use a rubber,you wont get herpies that way.

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