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Monday, November 14, 2011

America Is On The Path To War.-Its Almost To Late To Stop It.-America Must Now Deside-Do They Continue Fallowing Obama Into The Gates Of Hell-Or Do They Take Up Arms-And Fight.-Blood Will Soon Fill Our Streets.

Sometimes I wander if theres anybody out there even paying attention.Can anybody on the left see past obamas bill-shit-does everybody believe what the left wing media says,Its got to the point,im scared.america is soon gonna fall beyond repare.but the scareist thing,were gonna loss everything,our freedom,our way of life.Yes obamas a smart dude,to smart,but the the thing is,hes useing his brains to distroy america,and everyone just sits there.last nights debate shoulda been a clear wake up call.the medias attempting to dictate whos gonna run against obama,its sad,nobodys lissioning.its clear as hell the left wants obama to run against,mitt rommine,its as plane as the nose on your face,has anyone ever stopped,and ask yourself,why they went after rick perry,when he come into the race leading from the begging,what did the left do.went after him ,give him bad press,till his #s dropped of,then herman cain,showed he had the stuff,the right loved him,hell no-perry knew how to create jobs,put america to work,they distroyed him,jobs-lol-thats not in obamas plans,for obamas dream of a socailist goverment,you must be unimployed,broke,fully dependent on goverment,so jobs can not and will not be in your near future,herman cain came in with 999-america seen a plain simple plan that everybody nows will work,will create jobs,will boost-busness,will lower taxes to the middle class,what the left do-1 they no way in hell want a black man running against a half black man,so they pay dum brauds who need money,lots of money to lie and tell the world cain talked shit to them,thinkkkkkkkkk you idiots,the dems are useing your stuppidity to distroy this country.and your playing right along with it.plz stop lissioning to these commieson the left,there distroying this country,and your helpping them,America can be strong again,but obama has to go.noe,not in 2012.we will be at war ,under marshal law long before nov elections,obama and the dems no vary well ,obama,polosie-reid-holder,and several others are and will be tried for treason,there brakeing so many constautional laws,theyll never see the light of freedom again,infact by law-trason against this country during war time is death,now think real hard america,put your self in there shoes,if your -obama-polosie -or reid,and you no lifes over-your prison bound-or worse,what would you do,if you were the leader of the free world,think,what would you do if you new if you loose 2012 election,you could end up in jail .thats right,youll do anything it takes to assure you stay in power,lission america,marshal law means obama becomes master,ruler of us,all lawsand constautional ammendments are null and void.we become a policed nation,freedom wiped away,were finished.plz wakwe up ,your sipporting a evil bunch of politions here hell bent on total distruction of america.we can fix what theve distroyedover night,but we can ease up on anymore damage,force him out of office.asap.demicrates lission to me-you can stop him,you can save america by turning on this evil ass-hole.he might not be the anti-christ,but if you got a little religios beliefs in you at all.revolations lay it all out,this mfer could vary well be the devil-why chance it,god gave you a brain for a reason,plz use it,help us,help yourself,hell america help your grandchildren,the demicrates must be braught down,fast.if there not america dies,its up to you,this isnt a demicratic problem,this isnt arepublican problem,this is a american problem,we cant take 4 more years of this evil bastard he has to go.its up to you america,obama is relected,we loose america our freedom,we loose it all.if he goes-we start rebuilding asap.jesus think what he just did,its proff beyond a dought hes trying to kill america,every exspert in the country said that pipe line canada wanted to build woulda been 1000s of instant jobs,he turned it down ,till after the election,whats that tell see america he had shoval ready jobs in his hand,he threw it away.get rid of him now,if you dont,hes turning us against each other people,hes braught race back-he wants us to start killing each other,and the scary thing is,thats exsacully whats about to happen.only diference this civil war will kill millions of americans,and for-what,4 what america,my demicratic friends lission,we are a few months away from total anarky,is this really what you want,you want patriotic americans takeing up arms and comeing after you,is this what you really want,war,blood,murder,total unrest.well its comeing,i feel it,its comeing,and once it starts,it wont stop till this goverments over thrown ,and replaced with decent trust worthy people,who will fallow the constatution.and millions of left wing americans and some right wing americans are dead.this is our future america,forget 2012-its not gonna happen,think long and hard.freedom-or war-choose now,theres no time left.

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