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Monday, October 31, 2011

The State Of America Is On Ruins,Could The Anti-christ Be Here,Revolations,pegged It,Will We Save Ourselfs.Or will We Give Up.Does God Win ,Or The Demicrates??

We The People Of The United States Of America,Here by give notice.To Any And All Who View Our Polical and economic situation a temp set back,Are put on notice.YOUR OUT OF HERE.Never in our history has our country ever been in a situation ,like were in today.The state of our country is un doughtably divided.we have the comminist left wing radicals,who disided years ago,capitalisum was evil.And there determined to distroy it.why.Ill Exsplain later,We have the rinos on the right,old school politions who just want to main tain there power,there political pull,there lobbyest,there faces on tv.You have the teaparty,A group of feed up americans who only want less goverment,less spending,.a balenced budgit,and for our politions to fallow the rule of law.they want term limits on politions,geesh after 2 terms most politions are corrupt anyway,our president only gets 2 terms,why not all politions,this alone has seperated all branches of goverment,because it effects all of them.we have the indapendents,these people sit in the middle and vote and support who they feel are best suited for the job,now we have the media,the media thinks the power is in there control,they feel they have the power to choose who becomes elected,there heartless ,they print lies,baseless stories to get there guy in,Witch brings us to today,Here we are the greatest nation on earth,divided,bankrupt,split into several differnt direction,so far from being united,were lucky we even have a dollar to buy a coke.the world laughs at us,our own president is so crooked,he can brake laws and never be questioned,why,easy answer,the left politions ,demicrates,are as crooked as he is,they invented him,they made him,obama is there creation,there puppit,hes a coward,a lier,a theif,a socailist muslim,he trashed our country world wide.called us cowards,band god from schools,goverment buildings,and va hospitals.infact gods been banned just about everywere,and replaced with his god,muslim laws has been stuck in our faces time,and time again.atheust non believers,are allowed to trash our god our country,un american groups like code pink are allowed to trash our military,pickit us ,work along side terrist groups like the brither hood,and openly ask them to help there group cleanse america,were have you heard that before,never in history has an american president ever threw ourallies under the bus like obama and the demicrates did isreal.the left ran on anti-war rederic,they get in power what did they do,polled our troops out od iraq-and got them into to more wars.the wars the demicrates are picking are wars they now will upset the muslim world,and it has.The state of our country is a shambles,were on the verge of totle collaps,our enommies are getting stronger,and we are getting weeker.we are more divided now than we have ever been in history.and the scary thing is,theres no end.theres a reason obama and the demicrates hate god and removed him from schools,and goverment buildings,think america-think,look in revolations,it warned us,revolation hit it straight up on the nail think real hard america,and christans world wide.god was good enough to give us sighns of his comeing,even if you dont believe in him,revolations  should change your mind,how can a 2,000 year old book get it right 100%,if whoever wrote it really did now what was gonna happen.lission god gave us a brain for a use it.why arnt you useing it.theres no dought the anti-christ is here,theres no dought,and i firmly believe its obama,god nows all the sighns are there,so why are we allowing these people to run havic threw our country,whyyyyyy.America we can stop this,we now who our enommies are,we no our god really does exsist.we no our bible gives us all we need to defeat this evil man and his evil-angles,why are we not fighting back,the anti-christ is rappidly getting us into ww3.hes reduceing our military for a reason,we had the mightyest,strongest military in the world.we can defeat this evil-if we stop him now,we must keep our military strong,if we dont were finished.revolations says war will brake out world wide,now think,if we no its gonna happen,and god gifted us with a brain,why would he do this.?????we can stop-most of this out come.if weact now.The state of our country is in ruins,but its not to late,its not to late.can we save ourselfs,can we save the world,i got no idea,7 years ago id say yes.but after 3 yrs of obama,and him divideing this country,I dont no.the demicrates are evil,flat out,but maby ,just maby,if we pray the demicrates who once believed in our god ,will see the light,and come back.we vary well might have only a few months left,I dont no about you,but maby you dont think americas worth fighting for,but god is.fight for god,becomes gods army,you do that,america can be saved.its up to you.America os dieing fast.our faith our reason for life is dieing fast.stand with god america,stand with god,if you dont,the gates of hell is about to burn you.wake up.get obama out of office now,shut down his demicratic comminist machine now.wake up-2012 elections will never the next 12 months ,america will die-or be reborn.

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