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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Evansville In -Va Clinic,Has Taken To Being- (Political Correct)-Unless You Support The President,-You Mean Nothing To Them.-!st amenment Rights Have Been Stripped.

I never thought id see the day,that a va hospital would be so divided,that if a black imployee complained of a racial remark made by i white person,That instead of investigateing it.To pasifie the black person,complaining,they do the politically correct move and fire the white person,to keep down trouble.This happened to me today.I no 1st hand,race is running rampid threw goverment establishments.The demicrates have used the only leverage they had against republicans,raceisum.Dont matter what it does to the country.As long as it gets um reilected.What has happened to america.When i simple remark or complaint is made you just fire them,has the legal system in the demicratically run goverment been thrown out.It must have.what happened to innocent till proven guilty.I new i had problems when i started work in the evansville india va clinic.the 1st day,.Im a vender there ,i sell flags and military hates.I sell flags from all overthe 1st day there a black imployee aprached me ask me why i had conferate flags in my truck,I told her i sell all kinds of flags,then she ask me,why i was waring a teaparty shirt.she said i was a racist because i was in the teaparty.And that the rebal flags in my truck proved it,i said lission im not selling them here i cant,all i can sell is military stuff or patriotic flags,thats why there in the truck not on my stand.she told me then she wont have a raceist work there ,and walked of,for to months she complained,Finally she saw a chance to get rid of me.2 vetrains were discuseing obama at my table,1 loud mouth drunk-yelled out some df should take obama out.the guy beside me said thats what hes worried about,if obama wins again some dum redneck would try to take him out.this women run to the right people told them i said it,i wasnt even given a chance to exsplain,i was ask to leave ,end of story.i was later told that they had no choose,this women was a trouble maker and has threatend the va before if she wasnt lissioned the politically correct thing to do was get rid of me,to pasifie her.This is what has become of our country,obama was elected because he was black,not because he was americans voted for him strickly on his color,now its as if black americans are punishing white america for something we didnt even do,my god most of us were kids ,some not evenborn.This is what the demicrates have done to this wanderful country,threw race back into it,to maintain power.This scare me,if demicrates are willing to distroy everything black america has faught for since the days of slaviory.Im afraid theres nothing they wont do.This is the 1st time in american history,that our country is being distroyed by its own leaders.This is the 1st time in history the apposeing side is so afraid to stop um or say something,there willing to let the left distroy this country,just to keep from being accused of being a god is this the end of america as we no it.does black americans even no it was demicrates who owned slaves ,not republicans,my god we died to free them.does black america relise martin luther king was a republican,he new demicrates were the evil ones,he new.They clam mlk-is there hero,momenter,but vote and side with the vary people he faught to be free from.what has happened to us america,Is anybody gonna rise up from somewere,and fight this evil,will or is there somebody who will lead the charge against this evil being done to our there another martin luther king out there.if so rise to the challenge.politically correct got us in this trouble.politically incorrect will get us out of it.


Trevor Landon said...

Hi all,

I seem to have accidentally received this email from Trevor Loudons (anti communist, anti Obama crusader currently touring speaking at Tea Party meets) partner to my email address and I do not have his proper email to forward it to so I thought it best I send it to some people who just might know how to get in contact with him.

God bless America


The email is below:


from: Tracey Loudon

date: Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 8:52 PM

You come clean with Tammy about what a whore you are too - you tell her how you tried to screw my best friend, had an internet affair which started the week we agreed to have one last effort on our marriage. How you finished it, with the grace I let you have on the three hour goodbye and then you repaid me by continuing contact during our trip to the USA. You come clean for a change instead of clearly telling her I had an affair and then ambiguously saying you are not perfect either. Coward.

You have 24 hours or I email the cow and set the record straight and you will never have any contact with your children as best as I can thwart it. Threats ? Yes. Damn straight. You completely underestimate how upset I am over this and her continued barrage of insults of someone she knows nothing about apart from what you are telling her. And that is telling me of your complete and utter disloyalty to anything that has been between us in the past. In marriage you betrayed me so many times - I guess a leopard doesn't change its spots and it really should be no surprise that you continue in separation.

You cannot fire me if I email her - I never stopped for that reason. I stopped for my dignity but I told you if she didn't stop that that would be it - she hasn't stopped - she has escalated so ball is in your court now.Trevor

RENEGADE said...

geesh interesting post,i was bitching about raceisum in goverment hospitals,there bitching about infadelity.oh well if my blog can help solve this issue ,go right ahead,lol

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