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Friday, August 19, 2011

Obamas Take Seperate Jets To Marthas Vinyards,On Our Tax Dollars ,Over 1 Million DOLLARS To Go 500 miles.It Would Be Cheeper For Them To Divorce.((Are The Obamas On The Seperation Trail ))Is There Marrage On The Rocks

As the obamas go on yet another vacation,to marthas vinyards,1 this is becomeing perfically clear.The obamas want us to live 1 way,while they lead another.They want us to eat less,tightin our belts,and skimp.Thats fine with me,our econnime is a wreak.unimployment is 9.5 ans riseing.some states over 14%,so tightin up skimp-of course.but this should mean all of us.includeing the commander and theif.But do they pratice what they preach.lets see.Obama baught a grat hound charter bus had it customised for his road tours,or un-scheduled campain tour on our tax dollars,our countrys in a crises-hes out lieing and campaining to get realected 16 months before elections.Today he goes on yet another vacation to marthas vinyards.dinner tonight is lobster.while we eat potatoes and corn bread.he arrives in marthas vinyards 500 m iles from capital on our tax dollars.ok ,fine hes the president.But why didnt his wife ,our 1st lady ride with him,bushes did,clintons did,1st bushes did,infact all ex presidents went to the vinyards with there wifes,Not obama,our 1st lady charterd her own jet,and arrived 3 hours earlyer than a ex cost off 750,000.00 of our tax dollars,unreal.if they dont like each other divorce.combanation of both costs was just over 1.5 million dollars ,just to go 500 he beats up corperate jet owners ,and rich americans trys to take there money,trys to act like hes the peoples president,but thats just for cameras,the real obama spends his every wakeing min,rubbing elbows with americas president this man will be sucking up our tax dollars for the rest of his life.hell never want for anything.The obamas are just like any other politions,crooked worthless liers.they tell us to live 1 way,while they live another.i guess you can say obama and his ugly ass wife are on a exstended paid vacation for 4 years. If obama doesnt issue marshal law 1st.Obama has proven beyond a dought he is a dictator,and if he has his way,we will be under his rule till he dies ,america were in deep shit.its time you stand up and make this lier,step down now,because if you a free country,were finished.up to your fucture and your childrens future worth saveing,is it worth your time to hit the streets and get infolved,or are you simply gonna set there and allow this muslim free loader take your country.act now,you dont have much time.At the rate obama and the dems are blowing our money,there wont be anything to save.1 more exspencive vacation for obamas seeing they always take seperate vacations,will distroy us,obama must be sent packing back to the hood-ASAP.

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