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Sunday, August 14, 2011

As Americas Econnime Crashes,And Obamas 3 wars Rage,on-Obama compares himself to king,Lets see if we can find the similaritys,

Last night at a Manhattan fundraiser,Instead of Fixing our devastated economie,or Running His 3 wars he promised to end,Obama is already campaigning for 2012 election bid.At a fundraiser,Obama compares himself to martin l king.Now to compare yourself to an American icon like king your ether a great -well loved American,or your plum stupid.Now be be a great American like king 1,you need class,honor,and dignity.that was king,lets see only class Obama has is when he sleeps,because awake he constantly,bull-shits,lies,steals,and runs down this country,nope no class there,,( honor )well king no dought had honor,he was a proud black American with a dream ,a dream that would make all equal,make white and black Americans 1,Obama has a dream,to destroy the American dream,king died theres no honor there,dignity,king had more in his little toe than obamas got in his whole body,dignity is 1 thing this lieing as muslum will never have.the only dignity Obama has is to his god,mohamid.Another reason why Obama cant even clame hes like king,king was a republican,the democratic party is who crucified him,jailed him,this is another reason why i cant figure out black Americans,there greatest contribution to there way of like is martin l king,who is a republican,not a democratic.the Kennedy jailed him,then offerd him a give Kennedy the thumbs up,in return they would let him out of in the name of god,why do black Americans support desecrates,desecrates were slave owners,not republicans,demicrates jailed and later killed king,not republicans.desecrates want there slaves back,have held a grudge against republicans every since they free them.So mr Obama,wheres the similaritys.your a half breed mut-with a grudge against admitted you were a muslum but converted,well for dfs who dont no the muslum faith,its like joining the mob,once your in you don't leave.according to the karan your to be mr obama theres no way your a Christian,so there's nothing you can compare yourself to mlk.king was a hero-your a community organizing punk.with a haterid for do yourself a favor stfu-Martin l king was a great man.your nothing but a lieing cheating american hater,with a gift of gab.The sorry thing is America was ready for a black president,you were the wrong pick,youve done nothing but set kings work back 50 years,you should be asshamed and you owe black americans an appoligy for what youve done.

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