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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Americans Have The Power To Force Obama out,And Have A Election To Replace Him.((A VOTE OF NO CONFEDENCE)-Can Forse Obama To Step Down.(Will Americans And The Teaparty )Use This Gift-From Our Founding Fathers.Or Blow Another Chance To Save America

America can Save Its Self,Threw A power,Given to them from the founding fathers,A simple no confidence vote can and will end obamas distructive path hes on,The question is,will the american people stand up,or continue being bullied and lied to by this radical left wing president.Does the american people have the stomic to fight for there freedom,or are they cowards,needing to be lead by the hand.                                    (presidential systems)

In presidential systems, the legislature may occasionally pass motions of no confidence, as was done by the United States Congress to Secretary of State Dean Acheson in the 1950s [4] and was contemplated against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, but these motions are of symbolic effect only. Presidential systems also usually have the procedure of impeachment by which an executive or judicial officer can be removed.
In certain parts of the United States and Venezuela, the recall election fills a similar role of removing an unpopular government, but, in contrast to a motion of no confidence, this vote involves the entire electorate.
Several state legislatures have the power to remove its members from leadership positions through similar motions. New York State has done so at least twice in recent memory; in 1994, the New York Senate ousted Ralph Marino in favor of Joseph Bruno, and more recently, a vote of no confidence led Malcolm Smith to be thrown out of his post as majority leader in favor of Pedro Espada Jr. in the 2009 New York State Senate leadership crisis.[citation needed]       Never before in american history has the no confence clause ever been needed to be used,as it is today .Obama and the demicratice party has repeatable passed laws that would distroy americas in fibers,Never in american history,has 1 president had a intire party brainwashed into helpping him distroy and completely dismantal a way of life.But this presedent has this and more.The American people eather want the goverment to care for them,Or this new culture of liveing has been breed into them by the vary teachers who were in trusted to teach them eather way,america has come to a deadly t-in the road  in its history.Theres only 2 ways to turn,the american people can make a left turn ,and allow obama and his communist party distroy this free country.or we can turn right,and find our roots again,find the founding fathers,,Eather way.America must act fast.if there gonna even have a chance at saveing this country,Theres a movement in america called the teaparty.the teaparty is a simple movement of patriotic americans who only want smaller goverment,less spending,a balenced budgit.Why is this so wrong,Why does the left vilinise this movement,The answers simple.The lefts distructive ways colide with the teaparty,the teaparty beliefs are in dirrect conflict with the lefts ideas.So the left has no choose but make the teaparty look bad,convince the demicratice base that there evil-terrists,not to trust them,even though the demicrates has openly lied and diceved there base,the demicrates threw faith to party,continue to support obama and his distrutive path.If america doesnt wake up real fast,it will be to late to reverse the damage obama and polosie and reid has done to this country,these 3 have orcastrated the biggist scam in american history,the biggist take over of a goverment,ever attempted.knowing that this take over was done while the country was at war,didnt fase them,american law makes it mandatory to exicute a trator or treasonist while a nation is at war,but this didnt fase them,or they wernt as smart as the thought.eather way.the people have 1 chance left to save this country,(( A VOTE OF NO CONFEDENCE.)) Can and will save america,The question is Do the people have the stomic or the will to push it.and does the congress and the senate have the stomic.There it is america,do what you may,i laid it all out for its in your hands,force obama out now,Or fall to your knees and kiss the feet of your new god and ruler.I wouldnt take to month or to will dictate our future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Anonymous said...

If what I just read is true then why has the tea party not started action to act on this if it is lawful they know that the american people would stand behind such a move?

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