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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Martin Luther King Was A Republican,Why And How Did Black Americans,Turn On M.L.K--And Support The Vary People Who Made Um Slaves,Demicrats Want There Slaves Back,And Obama Is The Puppit Helpping Them

Ive come to the conclustion,That black america has made the biggest mistake in there history.After all the years they faught for there civil rights,after all the african americans who died by the hand of the demicratic party,Yes you heard me right,america,it was the demicrates who owned the slaves of our past,not 1 republican ever owned a was the republicans who found it dispicable,and un godly.This is why the civil war started,have you all forgot.makes you wander why black americans even vote demicratic,why would they support the vary people who beat them,killed them,inslaved them.If you would open your eyes youd see the truth.ill tell you why ,my black american friends,it was (martin luther king,)-mr king was a republican,yes people mlk-was 100% republican,so ask yourself,if you loved this man so much,why would you discrace his name by voteing for the party who killed him.yes people this is the truth,look it up.mlk-was arrested by the at the time demicratic att general-r kenady-while mlk was in jail-the att general went to him.told him,you give my brother the thumbs up-and help him get elected,i will let you out,and clean your record,america.mlk-wanted out of jail-all he did was give the thumbs up-he never intended on you supporting the deicratic party.the demicrats lied to you then ,like there lieing to you now.wake up.the republicans are not your enommie,there not even your need to stop supporting these lieing ass thugs,before you find your asses inslaved again.                                                                                                                                                          Obamas nothing but a half white lieing ass puppit for the demicratic party.everything he doesis geared to keep you broke and dependent on goverment to servive,lission must not continue on this path,hes evil-and drawing you back into the days of ,well i dont want to think it will go that far.your smarter than that.Obamas a puppit people,the demicratic party is useing him to regain control and power.yes we are due for a strong black leader,even though im white,and a former raceist,i finally woke up.i hate the word african american,your nbot african,your american,unless you were born in africa,stop calling yourself africans,your as much american as i have as many rights as i have,were are equal-we are 1.obama has been the worst mistake you coulda ever made,hes anti-black-anti-job,anti-american.he will distroy us,his smoth talking bull-shit is why the dems latched on to him,they new if they could win over black americans he would win.plz lission,there areome fantastic black americans out there that would be better president than most white people,at the top of the list ,is my sons former lt-in iraq-lt crl-allen west .from florida-hes black-not half black,he understands our history and your history,he understands were this ass-hole obama is leading us,theres cain,former   ceo-of godfathers,10 times more qualified than obama,you must wake up-2012 is the most importent election in our history,you must get it right this time.obama must be defeated if not,socailisum wins,and you loose.if anything else-vote republican-regardless whos on tickit,we have somne great canadates out there,all of um better qualified than obama.infact i love to see you join us in the teaparty,we need you,your 1 reason why were so strong,we stand for what many black americans died for,freedoom,liberty,and the pursuit of happyness,theres nothing wrong with being all you can be,theres nothing wrong with liveing the american dream,theres nothing wrong with getting rich,its the rich who create jobs,have you ever seen a poor man create a the rich,he we fallow obams way,wec tax um out of busness,we force them to carrie there jobs overseas,leaveing you unimployed,liveing of goverment,stand up people we must get this madman out of office,we must stop these slave owners from going any farther,im not lieing trust me-look it up-mlk-was republican,he had a dream for you,plz go in the direction mlk wanted you to go-head for that dream he had for you,obama is a lieing ass half bread demicratic puppit,baught of by the former slave owners,the demicratic party,vote no to the demicrates,vote yes to freedom for all-wake up people,1 MORE THING CLICK LINK-WATCH THE VIDIO,IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME,-MABY YOULL BELIEVE IT COMEING FROM A BLACK AMERICAN.

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