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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obama Leads The Biggist Pyramid Scheme,In Americas History

"WE'RE IN THE TERMINAL STAGES OF THE WORLD'S MOST GIGANTIC PYRAMID SCHEME ," set to vaporize the assets of the average citizen.
Heed the clear warning signs here in my Summer 2011 Money Alert and protect what's left of your nest-egg, before the dollar collapses even further, rendering dollar-denominated assets VIRTUALLY WORTHLESS!
Dear Concerned American:
Don't expect an outbreak of prosperity simply because voters have "rearranged the deck chairs" in Washington! The fix is in: There is nothing the politicians can or will do to repeal the rotten fundamentals of the U.S. dollar.
The hard reality is our national currency – which has already shed fully a third of its value relative to foreign currencies – is streaking at supersonic speed for a precipitous and historic crash.
Anyone holding dollars (or dollar-denominated assets) is sitting on a ticking time bomb with the Zero Hour fast approaching. Given the massive currency inflation generated in just two years by a grossly misguided Obama administration and Federal Reserve – with far more promised in the next few months – we've no time to lose before the current trickle turns into a torrent – a worldwide rush out of the dollar.
Your family's security rests on you reviewing this Summer 2011 Money Alert right to the end. I urge you: read this letter now, because if you wait 'til later, you may indeed be too late.
Unmistakable warning signs – each of which I'll reveal here in detail – point to a monetary crisis on the verge of spinning wildly out of control, leading to massive INFLATION and quite possibly, a sudden and catastrophic dollar collapse that will change our nation forever.
Let's take a closer look at events unfolding now, and the best steps you and I can take today to protect ourselves.
Under intense pressure to generate immediate cash flow to shore up a virtually bankrupt U.S. Treasury, federal regulators are systematically destroying, seizing, and otherwise transferring to federal control trillions of dollars in private assets. The all-but-certain impact on our currency, on your purchasing power, and on your standard of living could be both sudden and devastating.
Obama & Co. spent recklessly to gain controlling interests in the titans of the U.S. banking, insurance, and auto industries. At one point, Mr. Obama chortled in front of C-Span cameras –                                      
"We are out of money now. We're operating in deep deficits..."
Early on, we were told that the full impact of Obama's bailout would come to oh, no more than $787 billion. Then the independent Congressional Budget Office checked the fuzzy math and found that just this first bit of "Obamanomics" will, in fact, bloat deficits by $862 billion. But even that is just the tip of the iceberg of what's already been spent or committed.
In recent weeks, the Federal Reserve vowed it will print up another $600 billion in new money between now and next July. They've even explicitly announced they are planning to increase inflation!
Major foreign investors such as China are quickly catching on to the hard reality of burgeoning U.S. debt and our impending insolvency. They see that we are out of moves, and are coming to the inescapable conclusion that the only way Washington can keep its Ponzi finances going is to run the monetary printing presses non-stop. More about what this means in a moment.
US Dollar Falling Fast
While ALL currencies on the globe are falling against
tangible assets, the U.S. dollar is falling faster.
As I mentioned, the dollar has already surrendered fully a third of its value relative to other weakening world currencies in less than a decade. This and other facts lead inescapably to the conclusion that Western economies and markets will shrivel relative to those of ascendant countries in Asia.
Even mainstream media giant CNN conceded in an October 28 report that the Fed's pumping of fiat money into the economy is a massive hidden tax on all consumers.
A massive, catastrophic dumping of the devaluing U.S. dollar looms large like a dagger over our heads. The upshot is this – millions of Americans will be waiting for the new Congress to "fix" things, a fix which simply cannot and will not happen. If you don't immediately begin taking basic precautions with your own money as I'll outline right here, you stand a good chance of acting too late and getting caught with your britches down when things inevitably get much worse.
The good news is that you don't have to sit by passively and watch your fortunes erode along with those of your country. Not only can you protect yourself, but you can actually profit from the selected types of opportunities that my years of detailed research and analysis have developed.
Even mega-investor and high-profile Obama cheerleader Warren Buffett has caught wind of what's happening. The Oracle of Omaha has admitted publicly that the recent spate of frantic spending and money creation will soon trigger a currency-destroying inflation that will be much more severe than in the 1970s. Translation: get out of the dollar now!
Another truly big-time investment guru, Jim Rogers, dispatched this sobering assessment in a strongly worded email –
"The world at large does seem to understand innately that governments are bankrupting themselves and destroying paper currency."
"Bankrupting." "Destroying." Strong words indeed, but truly meaningful only to those savvy enough to take action now before the other shoe drops with a thud. And specifically which nation's government and currency are on a fast-track to monetary doomsday? As Rogers recently told TIME magazine, "America is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world."
Do I have your attention? I trust that I do, because this is but the tip of the iceberg...
The Dollar's Coming "Reckoning Day":
National Turmoil on Par With
Pearl Harbor and 9/11?
The dollar's coming Reckoning Day will be a traumatic, game-changing milestone in the decline of our beloved nation as a financial powerhouse. It's been in the making for decades, and the mega-bailouts and money-printing schemes deployed in just the first half of Obama's term sealed our fate.
As I'll detail in a moment, the sheer havoc unleashed by a dollar crisis will be nationally jolting at least on a par with the 1929 stock market crash, Pearl Harbor, JFK's assassination, and 9/11. Yes, it's fully possible (if not likely) that the bottom will drop out in just one harrowing day.
Here's just a glimpse of the likely fallout as I see it:
  • A PRICE EXPLOSION as Americans scramble over one another to obtain tangible assets or simply hoard basic necessities, before the dollar's purchasing power evaporates fully.
  • WIDESPREAD SHORTAGES, sparse grocery store shelves, and the return of long gas lines. At a minimum, expect to see looting in depressed urban areas, as happened in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
  • FAILED BUSINESSES and economic dislocations far eclipsing anything we've seen to date.
  • A BREAKDOWN IN COMMERCE, as longer-term transactions become impossible to do.
  • RISING CRIME with rampant unemployment far beyond today's "official" 10% jobless rate.
  • GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS DRYING UP, with the dependent class – angry, hungry, and desperate – taking to the streets. Widespread looting, arson, and general lawlessness will quickly follow.
I want to give you the inside skinny on the steps prudent citizens are quietly taking right now to gird themselves against the economic and civil consequences of the coming greenback collapse... and even prosper through intelligent preparation and prudent asset allocation.
You can – in fact, you must – take key steps to protect your family's way of life. And you must do it soon. "Waiting it out" is not a plan for anything short of a catastrophe. I'll explain.
Respected economist and forecaster George Whitehurst-Berry has offered an astute explanation of the financial gyrations rocking U.S. markets, as quoted in the opening of this letter:
"We are in the terminal stages of the world's most gigantic pyramid scheme," he explained, referring to the ultimate collapse of the U.S.-led monetary order that will permanently impoverish millions while making a handful of smart thinking, ahead-of-the-curve investors very rich.
Even the Pentagon is Secretly Planning
for Dollar-Collapse Scenarios that
Dramatically Tilt the Geo-Political Balance
The looming dollar crisis is no idle theory. This threat is so real that top Pentagon experts are running live "planning scenarios" in which resource-rich nations like Russia and China exploit U.S. indebtedness to wreak sudden havoc in our financial system and basic economy.
In the 2009 Unrestricted Warfare Symposium at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, intelligence analyst James Rickards unveiled a blueprint detailing how U.S. foes could manipulate the dollar – dropping its value by a shocking 75%, crippling our economy overnight.
This report's conclusions are nothing short of chilling. So vulnerable is the U.S. to this scenario, Rickards urges U.S. intelligence agencies to pay close attention to global gold supplies and financial maneuverings of rival powers (something I do on virtually a daily basis for my valued subscribers).
Rickards' prescient paper came out days before Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of China's central bank, challenged the U.S. to step aside to allow a new global currency to replace the dollar.
The international news media recently reported another Chinese connection to the coming doom of the dollar. The Financial Times of London, for one, noted: "China has quietly almost doubled its gold reserve to become the fifth biggest holder of the precious metal." Yet as usual, the celebrity-obsessed U.S. media totally glossed over another harbinger of what is to come.
Or as the always-reliable Casey Report added: "On the bigger global screen, this revelation [about China's gold hoarding] stops the concept of gold as a 'barbarous relic' as bankers had hoped it would become in the past 50 years..." Translation: The day of the paper-backed dollar is coming to an ugly end, and soon.

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