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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Male Escort Claims To Of Had An Affare With Obama,Again obama has discraced black americans

  • Today a Male Escort come out with boom shell remark clameing Obama paid him to have sex with him,Although unproven,He claimes This afare happened after he became president.No america this is a lie,but inorder to get your attention,in order to get you to see whats happening to this country,i said this to show you ,just how far its gone in media today.the press can say anything they want,tell you whatever they want,to get there agenda pushed.what it does to the country is not a problem-there only interested in getting it out there in hopes something sticks.This is how both sides operate,politics has become a nasty busness,leaveing the american people to clean up the mess.But after 20 years of population munipulation,1 side has come to the top.( The demicratic Party,)Lets get 1 thing straight,im a demicrate,not republican ,or indapendent,im a demicrate,even though my wife has switched to indapendent,im holding firm,i still tend to believe ,my party will wake up and see ,thats its been infiltrated by anti-war activists,socailist communists who wish to see the american dream crushed.In there eyes,a socailist goverment will give them the perminate control these future dictators are thriveing for.Our founding fathers were no dummies,they seen this comeing,most of them come from socailist countrys,,they fleed there countrys in order to get away from kings,rulers,dictators,they wanted a country free of these kind of people.they wanted a country run by the people,for the people,of the people,They wanted a country were the people in it elected here leaders,they wanted a country were the people called the shots,this is why our founding fathers laid out a goverment like the 1 we have today.were all politions and goverment people had only (we the people )-To answer to.our constatution was put togeather just for those reasons.In the begging it wasnt easy,they had to fight of the influences of a country accross the water 1st.But after the colonial war,life began in america.there were problems with the native indians to deal with,because they were here ,this is there country,but after countless battles,countless lives lost,a piece fell over the country,for years people lived free of war.but in the east,a problem was brewing,the union president,didnt like what was happening in the south,slaves were being shipped over to america to do field work,labor on plantation,they were being killed,abused,tortured.,the women were being raped,abused.but this was the norm,so it went on,let me tell you something most of you dont no.the south,was demicrates.all demicrates,all slave owners were demicrates,when the president of the union-the northern states seen this abuse,he new something had to be done.The union,( the republicans )knew if something was done,this in humane trade of slaves would gradually make its way north.this could not be allowed,So lincoln-called his generals togeather,And the begging of the civil war began.yes america,It was the republicans who freed the slaves,its the demicrates who  owned these slaves,its the demicrates who held the grudge all these years,because the union,the republican north,came down and defeated the conferacy,thus makeing the north and the south,1 nation.yes in the begining we had 2 americas my friends,1 lead by the republicans in the north,and 1 lead by the demicrates in the south,Because of the republican intrustion into there land,because the slaves seen freedom they flocked to the union fronts for protection,The demicrates couldnt have this mass exadice of there slaves,so they formed whats known to us even today is the (KKK )-the clan was used to intimidate slaves,but after there loss to the republicans,the kkk  became even stronger and deadlyer.So this brings us to the 60s,and the (I HAVE A DREAM MOVEMENT,)-MLK-was a brillant man,fantastic speeker,who had black americas ears,-The 60s exsploded into racial violence-tentions,the vietnam war was rageing,and a man came into the picture,JFK.-In my opion this man was the last real true demicrate,Can you imagine what america would be like if the man was allowed to live.but we all no why he was killed,He believed as  mlk,that all men were created equal.There was only 1 problem jfk-had,black americans were republicans,not demicrates,in order for him to suceed in his dream he needed black support.And 1 day it fell into his lap.( mlk )-was arrested and jailed for openly defying the goverment,and ( jfk )-used that advantage,he went to  mlk-and offerd him a give me the thumbs up with black americans,i will drop all charges against you.mlk-trusted ,he new  jfk-was a decent man ,so he gave him the thumbs up-results jfk-was assacinated,and so was martin luther king.You see america.up till then black americans were republican,it makes you wander why most of black america is demicrates.king was a republican black man in jail ,jailed by the demicratic leadership-who was at that time influenced still by the  KKK.My fellow americans theres a reason why american history was removed from our schools.If americans new the real truth of our history ,the demicratic party would never be elected into high possitions.Black america,you must wake up to the brainwashing being played on must honor the greatist black man there ever was,( martin luther king had a dream,unless you see this dream has been high jacked by politically correct politions,unless you see the real truth,the real dream of mlk-youll fall into this demicratic trap-there leading you into.your not african americans,most of you never been there,your black americans,you earned that tital,your as much american as white america,plz stop and look at this evil game the demicrates are playing on you.if you dont see the lite,america is over done.the dream  mlk had will be gone forever.America was at 1 time a great nation,We can be this great nation again,Theres no need to go back to war within our borders,we dont need another civil war.The demicrates have pulled the biggist scam,the biggist lie in american history.are you gonna be a part of this lie,-or will you play the part of distroying this socailist movement,and restore our constatution,and the origonal laws ,set forth by our framers.We died for you 117 years ago,to set you free,will you die for us to restore that great country.will you help us restore martin lurther kings dream,or will you distroy it.were out of time my friends,were only a few months away from a total obama distruction of america,trust me obamas half white,hes a puppit,hes not you.the demicrates own obama,they dont own you,do the right thing my friends.we must defeat this demicratic movement to take us back to the years,your relitives were slaves to the demicrates,grab a history book america,schools no longer supply them,but librarys do-youll see im telling you the truth,mlk-was republican,and the demicrates owned you,like there attrempting no-reserch-dont believe me-look for yourself,obama must be defeated,and the demicratic leadership along witrh a few republicans must be jailed for treason and punished for orcastrateing the biggest lie and take over in american the right thing pla-before its to late,bring god back-god bless you,and god bless this country.

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Anonymous said...

The hook of this story is actually very true... if you dig deep enough you will find how true!

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