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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harry Reid And Obama-Says No Bill Republicans Come Up With, will pass,reid and polseie-says theyll never allow it to even be voted on.SHUT DOWN THE GOVERMENT,iTS TIME WE CLEAN HOUSE.

For 5 years now demicrates have been in full charge of everyday operatations in washington dc.the republicans captured control of 1 house in nov-demicrates still control other.with a demicratic puppit as comander and theif,republicans can not get anything passed.this is politics at its worrse.not only is obama the peoples worrse nightmare,polosie and reid are no dought,running this country,what they say if there were ant doughts who run this country,harry reid today made it offical.last week the republican party passed unanimusly a bill that would give obama what he wanted,but in return obama must cut trillions from his budgit.he didnt like that.but what really pissed of obama and the left wing nuts was the cap added to the bill-oh this threw the entire left wing base into a firestorm.the republicans wanted a constautional ammendment to cut off the renegade spending the demicrates were on.a constutional ammendment forceing goverment to live within its means,was a perfict bill-that would stopped all these debit ceiling raises obama keeps comeing bacjk to congress for.its a no brainer america,even the welfare recipeants who get this free money nows that if you live within ur means,you can prosper.whats wrong with forceing congress to balance there budgit.its about time americans start paying attention,to whats going on.these politions in dc are out of control.personally,ex fore the 50 or so teaparty canadates we have there,i think they all need fired.up till now corruption in politics is a norm,but last november showed that this trend must come to an end.                                                                                                                                                                                                Today the speeker again came up with another bill trying to passifie the cry-babys on the left,and again,harry reid and the prsident said no.infact reid went 1 step farther,Today he accused the speeker of righting the bill to pasifie the teaparty,not the reid,the teaparty is the people,there not left or right,the teaparty are your common everyday american,trying to force idiots like you to stop this insain spending spree your on.Mr reid proved beyond a dought,that hes not going to agree with anything the republicans come up with,reid has proven beyond a dought,hes on a mission to distroy this countrys econnime.reids socailist views,is exsacully whats got us in this trouble,the demicrates are worried about there bases thoughts,and the donors,not the common ordenary american,oh yes he says hes doing this for the people,and with stations like cnn,nbc,cbs,and a few more outlets-helpping him push there agenda,our country is rapidly comeing un glued.there fear mongering adatude is scareing the hell out of old people and americans dependent on there free money,obama and reid understand if there to be reilected they must keep these the lie and scare them into thinking republicans are out to distroy them,bull-shit,yes americans fell for it 3 years ago.but these people who fell for his bull-shit still hasnt reseved this money hes steeling from the rich,instead it went to obamas supporters,unions,buying general motors,bail-outs,shouvel ready jobs that wernt ready.obama has lied so much,even black americans are telling him to go f-himself.yes obamas a 1 termer,but the big question is how much more damage will the american people allow him to do.will they just sit there,or will they rise up and insist he stop.or insist he step down,2012 will be a historic election,probly the most importent in our history,this election will be the most importent vote black americans will ever make.will they again vote for him because hes black,or will they see threw his bull-shit and kick him americans have come to far to turn around americans have earned there spot in american history books,but will they allow this half white trator to the black race distroy what they worked so hard to get.time will tell.2012 is a few months away.never in american history has the black vote been so critical to the survival of this country.will they choose to vote for obama again,and let him finish distroying this country,or will they stand up and say,ok hommie-get to fuck out of the hood.its there choose.another vote for obama is another vote for the colaps of america.yes america is do for a black president.sorry obama was the wrong 1.its so sad,i wanted more than anything for him to didnt happen,now he must be removed so we can repair what hes for my socail security  MR PRESIDENTYou can keep mine,just pay some bills with it,dont give it to your supporters or your mob boss in chicago.if giveing up my only means of income will help repair this country,you can have it.

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