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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

America United Rallie ,July 4th,2011-( OBAMA MUST STEP DOWN NOW.)AMERICA WILL Rise In Every Street In Every Town,

America,were at a cross road in a time in history,Were ( We The People )-of this country must make a dission.that will have a impact on the future of our country.The demicratic party lead by there god ,father obama.Has made a dission to dismantal our country,in the name of power.The sad thing is,good demicratic americans feel for there lies and rederic.Now here we are,unimployment 9.5%.houseing has crashed,were trillions in debt.our cost of liveing has sky-rockited because the obama administration,stopped oil drilling,most americans dont relise by not drilling,will cause gas to sky-rockit,thus causeing our utilitys to go up-our food to go up-everything we use in our everyday lives is going up.all because obama refuses to allow us to drill our own brakeing our country,and makeing the american people more dependent on goverment,they left the demicrates no choose but support obama to get that wefare check.they dont relise obama made them dependent,and by them supporting will disroy america,there wont be any 2012 elections-trust me,we will have another mystereace disaster like the golf oil spill,that will cause this country to go bellie up-thus giveing obama the excuse he needs to call marshal law.America were in trouble,we must get obama out of office fast,i picked july 4th-2011 for this rallie for 1 reason,its our countrys birthday,our indapence day.we must all unite as 1 people,and speek with 1 voice.Obama has lost the confidence of the american people,and he must step down .so we can replace him with a true american.If we dont,this might be our last chance.Im a demicrate,so lets get this clear.i was raised for vote for whoever is best for the job.not because hes a dem-or a rep=america party line voteing is why were in the shape were in now.we must forget were demicrates and republicans-we are patriotic americans.our founding father gave us this country-and our constatiution,in this constatution gives us the right to remove any goverment offical-we feel is not doing there job.obama has proven time and time again-hes not for the benifit and welfare of our country,obama is only interested in a 1 world order-and power.we may never have another chance at this,this might be our last chance to save our country.Im asking everyone to organise in whatever town you live in.make sighns ,fly flags,let america now-were feed up with crooked politions-and were starting with obama,he must step down,-so we can rebuild our nation,this dreadfull econnime can be fixed fast-by doing-2 simple things for starters-drill our own oil-upen up drilling-and back off the tax codes put against american busnesses-theyrew not gonna op[en up new jobs-if they fear obamas gonna tax um into bank ruptsy.america-were in this situation because goverment put us here,lets clean up washington now,starting with obama,july 4th-2011-at 12-noon we hit the streets,everyone werever you live-organise in your town,.we may never get another chance-god bless you all-we can do this,god bless our troops who faught and died giveing us the right to do what were about to do.and most of all god bless america.

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