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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Obama Has Sold Us Out.Prepare For War.Obama Must Step Down Before July 4th.1 Million TERRISTS--Was Invited By Obama To Washington.On July 4th.We Fall On That Day.Obamas Betrayed Us

Well America i see no way out of this mess were in.Obama and the far left-trators has all but distroyed our constatution,inflation is running rampid-gas has gone out of sight,food cost has sored,and unimployment is back up to 9.4%.pathetic,This president can easyly bring gas down by allowing drilling,but he wont,He said while campaining he was going to distroy oil-and coal companys-and the left without thinking about what he said,voted him into office.Does anybody out there ever think ,before they vote-obama allbut told you he was about to distroy our country,and you still voted for him.How stuppid was that.                                           Well here we are 2 and a half years later,when he took office,we were 570 billion dollars in debt,now look-14 trillion in debt,and he wants more god america -why dont you just move to china-or russia-communisum must be what your wanting.I told myself,you would wake up-you would see what this ass-hole is doing,and you would throw him out.NOTHING,-WTF- are you waiting on,are you waiting on your republican congress people to impeach him-lol-nada-there in on this .think about it,i now of 21 constatutional laws broken,all impeachable offences,-nothing,we already now demicrates wont do it-there just as guilty as obama.they no if obama goes down ,they go down.                                                               Wake up people-we only have 50 teaparty people up there-thats not enough to bring him people of this country will have to do it.but you wont-whats wrong with you ,are you tired of must be.your a few short months from being completely dependent on goverment-cant you people do anything for your you have to be told by daddy when to shit.come on america-the constatution gives you the power to make these bastards step down right fuckin now-.we dont need a election,obama is a piss poor excuse for a humon-never the less our president.Im telling ya america,-this includes you demicrates,you have to chooses the way i see it-you hit the streets now-in masses and insist he step down-or buy a gun.there will be no dam 2012 election,obama cant afford to loose power.if he does-and the teaparty and republicans take control.obamas ass will go to prison,he nows this-and aout 2 doz other demicratic congress people with him.                                                                                                                                                       Never before since our country was founded-has our nation been in jepordy,of looseing our me there will be a carfully-orcastrated-disaster-drummed up by obama-that will throw our country into hell-causeing him to issue marshal law.if that happens,-america overnight becomes a socailist commie state under communist rule-OVER-NIGHT.Do you want this.god i pray you dont.we must take back this country in a few weeks-or we loose it fear is this million muslum rallie-obama is holding july 4th-on our nations indapendence day.get the drift people-what a slap in the face-if we lost our indipence on our birthday.obamas a ruthless crule mother fucker.i dont put it past him.So you got 4 weeks to make something happen america,4-weeks.use it wisely.use our constatutional laws,why we still have some-and force him out of office-trust me demicrates and republicans-and teapartyers-july 4th-do something now-or get ready to fight a war in our streets like youve never dreamed possable.your dission my friends.its now or never.

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