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Thursday, June 9, 2011


The 60s was a time in american history,were racail tentions were high,,viet nam was was ragging on,and a time in history,i feel spawed the anti-american socailist movement.The black panthers,were going strong,anti american hate groups like the ( weather underground,)were blowing up goverment buildings,We lost 1 of americas ,best presidents to an- assasination.We lost 1 of americas leading black leaders,martin luther king.,the prominate hate whites leaders,from the nation of islam,MALKUM X.The 60s,spawned a group of hate mongers our country has never seen,thus beggin a new age in america.The once pieceful,easy life of america began to uncrumble.happy days were was on.The new socailist movement was born.Out of the hecktic complacated problems the world was faceing,a young american women had a baby,married to a kenyan,in the 60s-and-70s was not what you would call being smart,but yet barack hussain obama was born,although on his birth certificate he was born barry sores,he latter had his name changed to his fathers,barak.his father was a anti-white-anti-american terrist.his father hated america and what it stood for.his father was assocated with many terrist groups,he was jailed for terrisum,tortured,this the life style obama was brought up a young man his momma tryed to get obama away from his fathers influences,and moved to her parents in the islands,but im afraid as a young half white young man,his future was already a young man obama had it ruff,in schools,jobs,was hard for him to get he had 2 supplament it by doing what he had 2 to servive.theres rumers out therethat in the 70s he ran drugs from afganistan to new york.this job opertunity enabled him to meet some vary strange people.there a police record on him from new york-hes been busted for male prostitution in the 70s.theres lots of shady things out there that cant be varified.but his life style enabled him to get in bed with many strange people.after being kick out of some schools,flunking others,obama was desperate,useing his skills as a comunicater,obama became a community organiser.threw this job obama began to really start meeting people hell bent on distroying this country.his biggest influences was american hater and paster of 1 of chicagos most natoreaces churches-cultleader-rev-wright.after 20 years of lissioning to this madman,im sure he programed obam into how bad this country is,also threw his community organiseing he ment once-on americas top 10 most wanted  was weather underground leader,bill aryers.who obama said launched his political aspects.noww put all this into prospective order.after this up bringing,how can he not dislike america,even his wife on the campain trail said this was the 1st time shes had any respect for america,rev rices famous ( god dam america )-speech,its all there lets go to now,obamas elected president,his 1st order of busness take a world appoligy tour,tell the world we appoligise for what we did,hes ment and kissed the asses of terrist leaders,hes one of the brother hoods biggest supporters,hes damed isreal,told isreal to give up trhere land.he prased hamas,for there good work.hes forced or supported the outting of any world middle east leader who was our allie.he told egyps leader to step down,allowed the brother hood to step in,egyps new ruleing party has dropped santions on terrist countrys who want isreal to disapear.who is this guy.who came out of no-were to become our president.he admits he was once of islamic faith,but changed to christain faith,right,who to fucks he kidding,anybody with any smarts knows the islamic religion is like the mafia,once in your in for cant leave it.2nd the karan tells its fallowers to kill all infadels,us,it tells them to infiltrate us ,drink our booze,screw our whores,do whatever it takes to be excepted into our orld,then when ur established,kill them.get the picture.obamas still a the big question,is obama 1 of the sleeper ben laden said he had in places of power in our country.could he be a fallower of ben-laden.or was there a power struggle with in the ranks of alkada.its funny how we chaced and serched for osama for years and couldnt find him,all of a sudden walla master obama finds him and kills him,odd isnt it.did obama make a deal with the devil.was obama approched by other factions of the terrist cell,or did obama have other ideas,and osama wasnt in them.its vary posable barack hussane obama is a sleeper,its vary possable he is working with these terrist to bring down america.maby im talking shit,but what i say might be true.heres 1 more thing to think about.osama ben laden stated in the terrist hand book (ifyou want to distroy your enommie,go after his interstruture,his wealth,the core of that country that helps it grow.))with that said,what if obamas sole perpise as our president was to distroy us,hes dioing a dam good job,what if obama had terrist blow up that bp-rig in the golf,was it a accident,whats the 1st thing obama did,stopped all drilling in the golf,its still stopped.only 1 new lease has been authorised, new drilling leases anywere in america,our oil cost sky-rocked,forceing truck drivers to up there rates,forceing store,forceing everything that we need to live to sky rockit,forceing our nation into total resession,but he didnt stop there he baggan printing money,printing money,this makeing our dollar worth-40 cents instead of a dollar.our job s  has left.unimployment 9.7 %-our econommie is in ruins.put all this into perspective.its like you took a page from the koran-on how to distroy the you tell me,am i talking shit-or could obama be a terrist himself,looks that way to me.sorry.america youve been screwed..your being lead by a ben laden sleeper.

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