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Monday, June 27, 2011

2nd-Ilinois Gov-in a Row-( Found Guilty )-Of Criminal Acts-If Blago Gets Life For Attempting,A Criminal Act-What Will Obama Get For Accully Commiting Crimminal Acts.(( Is Obama And Dead fish ))-In the niddle of all this

Blago is found guilty,On 17 counts,Faceing life in jail,Will blago now spill the beans on the corrupt chicago machine.Or will he be silent.Faceing life will no dought,Change blagos train of thinking.But lets not forget,blago is just 1 of many politions corrupted in this chicago style way of life,Its no secrite the mob has always had a hand in chicago politic,theres no dought the mob played a big part in obamas election.And lets not forget obamas cheif of staff,now chicago mayor.Blago is the 2nd illinoise govenor in a row-2 be convicted,This should show america,illinose politions are corrupt,to the core.This now brings us to our president,( barack husane obama,)a 1 term sen-from chicago with a vary shady past.elected from out of no-were baracks machine raised billions of dollars toward his election,how did a community organiser from chicago,with a shady past,was convicted of mail prostitution,his father a islamic radical,hell bent on distroying america,by the way his father was jailed because of america,now this man whos dad was jailed by us ,is our president.Does obama love this country for what they did to his father,or is he here to distroy this country for what they did to his father,personally i believe in the ladder stenerio.Lets look at a few facts.obama spent years in  a anti american church,being taught how bad we are,his wife admitted she was asshamed of this country.his political future-was launched in radical ,anti american terrist,( bill ayres)-who is now a chicago teacher.His cheif of staff-(rob dead fish ))once obamas cheif of staff,now chicago mayor-this animal said ( Why let a good disaster go to waste,)capitalise on it.( golf coast oil spill )-no dought the spill was intentional.his personal aid and close friend (valerie garett)-and her husband-are both left wing radicals,who believe in takeing our guns,population control.yes america,she thinks we americans need to be thined out.she believes in red chinas version of population control.,just about his intire staff,and cabnit are chicago residents,with shady back grounds,Hes stepped and shreaded so many constatutional laws its pathetic,but yet he remains in office,un touched.this tells me most of the republican party is in bed with obama,or obama has threatend them,or someone else thnreatend them,( mob )-eather way.there letting this maniac shread the constatution.He lied to get elected,he targetted poor america,said he would take the money of the rich,and distribute the wealth,we he did distribute it,to union mob bosses,donars to his campain,and his prt peve groups who support him,what did the american people get.a 250.00 stimulas check,socail security got no cost of liveing increases in 3 years,he stopped giveing oil leases,causeing oil to shy rockit,thus makeing our cost to live rise fast,everything we eat,buy,use-in everyday life is braught to us by truck,if there cost to drive goes up-it will be pasted to us,Everything obama does is geared toward distroying our countrys foundation,inflation gone crazy,hes printed so much money,and gave away,its made our dollar worthless.What americans dont relise-obama and the demicrates are wanting to raise taxes on the rich,everybody hallers hell yes,but who do you think its gonna hurt,big busness,the millionares,nooooo america,they could care less if taxes go up,why,because theyll just get it back by raiseing what it costs you to buy there who is getting hurt buy raiseing taxes on the rich,thats right ((you ))-so when dems haller raise taxes on the rich,there really saying ,raise taxes on the american people.america this political invirament is so corrupt,we must change it.these corrupt politions are distroying our econnime-costing us our jobs,bank rupting our a few short years we as a country will-be bank rupt.we must stop them now,we as americans black,white yellow,brown,were all in this togeather,if we dont act now,we will be a nation of goverment dependent slaves,obligated to our goverment to work our asses of for just enough money to live on.thats it thats (SOCAILISUM )thats obamas dream of a future america,we have to stop him,fast.wake up america,were dieing.,,,,,,PS- MR BLOGO-YOUR FACEING LIFE,IF YOU LOVE AMERICA,YOULL TELL ALL YOU NO,RIGHT NOW-YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE US.WILL YOU.I DONT CARE IF THE MOB SAID THEY WOULD KILL YOU,OR IF OBAMA THREATINED YOU.THIS COUNTRY IS GOOD,SAVE US ,IF YOU DO,YOU WILL HAVE OUR SUPPORT.SPILL THE BEANS BUDDY.TELL US WHO OBAMA REALLY IS.

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