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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Activist judges Side With Obamas (HEALTH BILL )-Judges Split Down Party Lines,America Your Only A stroke Of A Pen-And Backed By These Judges,Obama will Soon Be Your New Ruler,Not Your President.

Bush-appointed judge rules for Obama healthcare overhaul

Federal judges split down party lines,2 republicans voted ,not constatutional.3 federal demicratic judges side with obama.Its clear America The day our constatution trumps all laws,is gone.Activist judges are about to shread our beloved constatution,The American peoples un-willingness to force these judges,these corrupt politions,this corrupt president,to fallow the law of the the land,will eventionally lead to a complete collaps of the constaution,It seems that the american people no-longer relise these political crooks are nothing but socailist scum-bags whos agenda is to completely distroy our countrys vary exsistence.This president has proven time and time again,that america will become a communist run country,and obamas ego-has him on top as our ruler.For these judges to side with obama on this job killing bill,the same bill polosie said we will have to pass to read.the same bill we found out after it was passed,to have a death panal wrote into it,after it was passed.yes america the dems are telling you republicans are trying to kill you,push senors over the cliff,take your checks,well I might be a demicrate,but im not stuppid,i can read.and this bill is the biggest bundal of lies ive ever wander polosie-and obama wouldnt let anybody read it,This health bill is 25%,health care,might i add we already had most of this care.75 % pay -offs to the contributers who gave them money,unions,in a big way-got most of the money,im sure obamas bill he owed the chicago mob for makeing him president should be about pd in full.but im sure the mob still has obama,reid,and a few other demicrates buy the balls,even our fed judges.America,I wish you new your rights as americas,because if you took history,you would relise,you dont need a 2012 election,to fire any of these can insist they step down now,and force a specail election,but your not up to date with your history.if you were obama and half his cabnet would be in jail right now.america ya need to wake up fast.your freedom is a law or to away from being signed,make you a communist-and these ass-holes will be your rulers forever.  I recomend that all americans read this dam health bill.its the dems distroying us,ill admit we have some some corrupt republicans to.we must clean house real-fast,2012 election,sorry we will all be under marshal law vary soon,that will cancel out any election,giveing king obama full control over us,our constatution with a stroke of obamas pen will be america i dont no about you.but i need my freedom,i need my socail security to live,i need my country back,untill i see a worthy demicrate my demicratic vote will never be cast for a demicrate again.the closest people we have to lead this country back to constatutional law-less goverment is the vote goes to them.the rest need to be fired.after these crooked ass particin judges voted party line on obama care,and called that stack of paper legal,i give up-the left has enough left wing judges -to pass and ban laws.takeing our rights as americans,i dont no about you,but ill go down fighting,im free and i intend on staying free.i believed thes lieing ass demicrates for years,i see the real agenda of my party now,its power,corruption,and thank you,this is america,you are all americans,even you idiot-brainless demicrates who still believe in obama,are americas,wake up-your mater is leading you directly into the gates of hell.and this health care bill,is gonna be 1 big ass step toward it.                                                  back to healthcare-and these activist judges who called obama care legal

So far in the legal fight over President Obama's health care overhaul, both sides have had victories and defeats. Two federal judges, both appointed by Republican presidents, have sided with conservative opponents of the law, ruling that its requirement that almost all Americans buy health insurance is unconstitutional. Three other federal judges, all appointed by Democratic presidents, have sided with the Obama administration, deciding that the law passes muster.
That's why today's news is particularly significant. In a lawsuit brought by a conservative legal center, a three-judge panel of a federal appeals court in Cincinnati ruled in the law's favor. One of the two judges in the majority, Judge Jeffrey Sutton, was appointed by President George W. Bush, and even clerked for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the leader of the court's conservative wing. It marks the first time that a judge has ruled against the party that appointed him on the law's constitutionality--as well as the first time an appeals court has ruled on the issue.
"No one is inactive when deciding how to pay for health care," wrote Judge Sutton, rejecting a key argument of the law's opponents. They claim that forcing people to pay a fine for not buying insurance amounts to regulating inactivity, something, they argue, that's not covered as a legitimate target of regulation under the Constitution's Commerce Clause.
The ruling was a victory for the Obama administration, but it could turn out to be short-lived. Nearly everyone expects the dispute ultimately to be resolved before the Supreme Court, and court-watchers say it's difficult to predict which way the justices will rule.

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