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Sunday, May 1, 2011

MOVEMENT TO IMPEACH OBAMA PICKING UP STEAM.-Americans On Both sides,Are Begging To See The importence of impeaching obamma (its simple math)-impeach him now-or you will die tomarrow.

Never in our history ,has it been more importent,-To impeach a president,as it is right now.Never in our history has A whole party been as corrupt as the (( DEMICRATICE PARTY ))) Is today.This brings us to a cross road,  How do you Impeach an intire political-party.Well you dont.You go for there leaders 1st.((obama-polosie-and reid -and chuck shumer-))are the point men for this radical take down of our goverment.As americans its our duty-as americans ,powers given to us by the framers,To Protect this country,and the integrity of the offices held by these crooks in washington.Both partys are corrupt,no dought,But the demicratice party is beyond repare.They must all be replaced,In nov of 2012-that will happen.Both sides must be fired and replaced with politions who believe in the constitution,and the country it represents.!sr and formost obama must be impeached (right now,)-The security of our country depends on it.As you read this artical ,1000s of radical muzzies with-in our borders are planning our demise-our lives depends on the president,and his security staff,I dont now about you.but that does not make me feel safe.Concidering obamma invited them here to kill us.Obama nows this religion all to well,concidering he is a muslum.He knows there radical beliefs ,are to lie ,cheat,bang whores,Do anything they can to get into the inner circle.So they can accomplish what the prophit mohammid orders.(((DEATH TO THE INFADELS.))-These radical monsters are already here,everythings in place.we have a radical group of americans,mostly just out of prison,lead by the biggest danger in our country,((FARRAKAN,)) This mad man has joined the millions of muslum radicals,obamma allowed to enter.So you see the importence of getting rid of obama  asap.Our vary lives depend on it.The damage is done,all the elemits are in place.It cant be stopped,sorry-its to late,But we can bring down there leaders,right now and instal strong trust worthy leaders,To fight these guys .If we dont.were finished.America its up to you.We impeach obama right now-and fight these animals with-pride,kill them with honor..Or we leave obama in office and die in discrace,How will it be america.(do we fight with pride)-or do we do as we are right now,(( nothing,)),ive added a face book link here,click the headline caption,this will take you to afacebook page with white house #s,to call,this group is united in 1 thought onlt,((IMPEACH OBAMA ))-good luck,god bless america

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