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Saturday, May 7, 2011

2012 Elections Will Never Happen-We Will Be Slaves To Our Own Stupidaty,America Only Has A Few -Short Months Of Freedom Left.-( ENJOY THEM )

America in the wake of the BEN LADEN Killing,ive come to the conclustion,Pray to god were not attact by anybody.If we are,were finished.This group of politically incorrect politions are amatures,There judgement are determined by what there pundents want.The security of our nation is in the hands of the enommie already.Weve ben betrayed by our own goverment.2012 will never happen,Obama and the radical left wing has our future planned out already.Freedom is on the agenda.By useing the demicratic voters inabuility to think for themselfs,Theyve been able to muster up enough support To over throw any counter they might get.In my oppion we have a few months left,before all-holy-hell brakes loose.Ive always said obama is nothing but a puppit,i was right.peoplelike valarie garret,and her commie husband,are calling the shots.although van jones is out,obama still answers to him.And at the head of the helm,is soros (( THE SPOOKIE DUDE,))-                        Everything has been put in place.Our future has been set.In a few short months,all hell will brake loose.riots in the streets,mass killings,by left wing radicals will start,the blame will be put on the right.The tea party will be made villions.War within ourborders will beggin.then (MARSHAL LAW )-Will be declared.The united states of america,will be no more.The sad thing is,it all could be avoided,By standing up right now,But were to devided to do anything.The left had this planned for years,and its comeing togeather for them perfically.They new the low income welfae voter,would do anything,includeing beraying there country in the name of free money.most of them arnt smart enough to relise what there doing,they dont have a clue there being used.By promiseing free moneythey will continue supporting the demicratic party.Think about it.why would people support a party that brong slavory to america,why does black americans support the demicratic party-knowing there the ones they faught against,to stop slavory.why would 75% of black americans be register demicrates-when (MARTIN LUTHER KING )-WAS REPUBLICAN.,Makes you think dont it.It just goes to money is the root of all will make you betray your own people.Its so sad.Then you have the students,between 18 and 25-,this is the age group of obamas biggest support base.They were taught to hate america,and the way america operates,they were taught,capitalisum was wrong,that being all you can be was wrong.they were taught socailisum was the only fare way.Now think about it.students ,the people were teaching to be our future leaders are taught that nowbody has the right to get rich.there taught to fight against the vary thing they went to school me (( who had there shit togeather )to create a learning system,were the vary students being taught,is being taught to screw themselfs.there fighting against capitalisum.To help a choosen few,To become rulers,leaveing the rest depending on there goverment.Now you tell me.Whos the smarter person.AMERICA ,Unless we hit the streets hard,unless were willing to defend our way of life,were screwed.The time for talking and wishing and bitching is over.We eather stand up now,hit the streets in mass protest,(( while we still can ))Our we just give up-give in,and watch our childrens future go down the shitter.unless your willing to die for your freedom,like millions og other died to give it to you.unless your willing to do diserve to be inslaved in a system,were youll never be nothing but a slave to your goverment.the time is now america.RISE UP-OR DIE A SLAVE TO YOUR GOVERMENT.

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