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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Does The Demicratic Party Continue Useing Race-As a Tool To Fight Republicans,When Its Cost Them The White Vote In Every Election Since ( 1964 ) You Think They Would Wise up.

A Republican official, of the Orange County, Calif., GOP central committee, stands accused of -- racism!
Her crime?
She forwarded, to a circle of friends, an email depicting an image of a family of chimpanzees, with the superimposed face of President Barack Obama over the baby chimp's face. The caption read, "Now you know why no birth certificate." The national media soon picked up the story with the implicit "GOP-is-bigoted" story line.
Given her position as a central committee member, America's ugly history of demeaning images of blacks and the Democratic Party's unfair but calculated characterization of the Republican Party as racist, the official exercised poor taste and bad judgment. She has apologized. But many demand her resignation.
This is a teachable moment.
The Democratic Party has lost the "white vote" in every presidential election since 1964. Democrats attribute this to white racism. Yet in 2008, when a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll asked whether voters would refuse to vote for a qualified black for president, only 3 percent of Republicans said "yes." More Democrats -- at 4 percent -- than Republicans admitted refusing to vote for a qualified black for president. Republican presidents have appointed more blacks to positions of authority than have Democrats. Of the black members of the House of Representatives, the only ones from majority white districts are Republicans.
Democrats are in trouble. Most Americans reject their left-wing agenda: bigger government; the refusal to address the need for entitlement reform; high taxes; anti-business regulation; anti-choice in education; pro-amnesty/porous borders; appointment of social-agenda-driven liberal judges; job-killing "climate change" hysteria; and the naive and dangerous strength-through-peace approach to foreign policy.
What tool does the Democratic Party often resort to in order to win elections? The race card.
As recently as 1960, the GOP attracted 32 percent of the black vote. Without the now-monolithic black Democratic vote, the Democratic Party could not survive. So it recruits and retains black voters by calling white Republicans "racists" -- and by calling black Republicans "sellouts."
We suggest black voters ask four questions:
First, why are Republicans painted as the bad guys and Democrats the good guys on the issue of civil rights?

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