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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Has Americans been free so long,that they forgot,why there free,and what the price of freedom was.Our youth,dont have a clue.Young americans today are clueless,there brain dead to anything going on around them.They supported obama because he was black,and talked a good game.Told them,you should be able to live of your parents,live of there insurence,live of the goverment,Hell guys ill pay for your education,make hard working americans pay for it.All this has done is further the problem,How will our children ever grow to understand what its like to be responible productive americans,if there whole lives were handed to them.Our problems today started way back when goverment disided,they were gonna step in ,tell us how we were gonna raise our children.The age of socailisum started in the clinton years,when the in-famouse words of (LET THE VILLAGE CARE FOR THE CHILDREN,)Americas down fall began,then.Since day 1 of clintons presadentcy,when parental rights were replaced,with jailing parents if they wooped there kids,put um in time out-lmao-time outs,now thats a joke.children lost all respect for there parents,dared them to punish them,they cursed us ,children became vilent with there parents,Our children went renegade,all because goverment stepped in.Now look,Our youth feel the world owes them,there lazy,they supported a socailist presadent,because he promised them more free liveing,a free ride threw life.Ya really cant blame our kids,Its not there fault,goverment set the rules for raiseing our children.between goverment laying out the foundation for a socailist goverment,and the teachers ,teaching this shit,telling our children our founding fathers were old out dated white men,they were raised and prepped,to disrespect there parents,and others,they were taught that freedom is wrong,threw progressive teachers,they were taught to take,never to give,they were taught to live of the sweat of others.In my days ,thank god parents were allowed to raise there children as true hard working proud americans,to respect there nabors,respect there parents,or be at risk of dad comeing home and ripping you a new ass.jesus people,if ass woopins are illegal,they need to pot my father in jail for life,hell i spent more time behind the wood shed than i did in my bedroom.if i ever,back-talked my parents,jesus sometimes it would take me a hour or so to come to.But did i concider jailing my parents,lol-even back then my teacher could tell me ,have your dad arrested for woop-in you,lol-ya right,nowing when he got out,my ass wold get it harder,no thank you.What in saying,this generation of youths in america,will be our down fall.not all of our kids turned out this way though.Some of the kids were raised by parents,who didnt care what big brother said,like me,i got 8 kids,,4 boys,4 girls,and im proud of um all,no all wernt by 1 mother,i have 4 -and i raised 4 wanderful step kids,my boys,all proud soldiers,At 1 time i had 3 in the military,now i have 2 still in,1 went to school.other 2 have 7 tours between um in middle east,But all my kids understood 1 thing,respect there parents,or i would knock-there asses out,respect others,love your kids are haed working  americans.proud americans.and theres many more who raised there children the csame way.but we still have the kids who were braught up with no respect to others,no respect for there parents,there nabors ,nobody,these are the problems were faceing in america today.Look atface book,watch there posts,lmao-these kids dont have a clue to what lifes got instore for them,not a clue.there looks,there sex,there partys,there parents bank account,its scary,but reality.So next time you ask yourself,what happened,how did we get to this point,theres your answer.The hardest question of all will be,HOW CAN WE CHANGE IT.I dont have a clue,on that 1.Theres no dought,were going back to war again-right here,there will soon be another civil war,we will soon be fighting for our freedom once again.Just pray after the hudge loss of life this next war brings to our country,that we never,ever allow this to happen again.GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY.

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