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Saturday, April 23, 2011


I can still remember plainly paying less than a dollar a gal for gas,Wasnt to long ago.But in the past 4 years,oil prices have taken a sharp-almost out of control rise.This can be attributed to many causes,has the cost to manufacture oil went ,up.nope.There hasnt been 1 new manufacturing plant built in years,(why ),the cost to manufacture oil is the same now as it was in the 70s.We dont suffer from a shortage of oil.We have enough oil right here in our own country to take care of our needs for 100s of years.Then whats the problem,Why are we now looking at 5.00 a gal gas,and exspected to go to,6.00 by summers end.The answer is plane.(GOVERMENT, POLITICS,GREED.)While the everyday american is getting raped at the pump by big oil,and big brother in goverment,The rich get richer,and the poor get poorer.And whos getting hurt the most.Low income americans,liveing on goverment assistence,and middle income americans.To the vary rich,high gas is nothing but a nusence,To the president,its a political talking point.Obama and his socailist supporters are useing the high price of oil to push there political agenda on green fuels.Yes we need 2 look into the future,but to do it over-night is pure insanity.But obama pushes on ,Distroying our econnime,distroying our jobs,causeing our cost of liveing to sky-rockit to prices not seen since the great depression.                                                                                                                                                         Since 9/11,theres been a movement going on in america,To convince americans that what weve done threw our history was wrong.That forceing democracy-and freedom was not our job,or place.Obama has made world appoligy tours,bowing to our enommies,appoligiseing to the vary people who want nothing more than to see us dead.refuseing to close our borders,allowing radical terrist to build and train muslums to kill us,under the protection of our own religious freedom laws.Obama for some reason thinks by kissing muslum asses will make them love eather stuppid,or is in bed with these radical people who want to kill us.Why do i bring this up-when i was talking about high gas,It all ties in togeather,and ill try to exsplane.                                                                                                                                                        America has always been a force-a light of hope to all freedom loveing people in the world.people diedtrying to get here,our why of life was wanted,needed,around the world.people dreamed of 1 day comeing to america.our open way of life made it possable,we excepted all religions under the idea they came here,they fallowed our rules.our way of life,our laws.The system worked perfictly.Now this brings us to today.Theprogressive movement needed to make drastic changes in america,before they stood a chance,in transforming this country,to not be so appealing,By bush going into iraq,started the ball roleing,by publically denounceing the war,and bush,it started turning americans and the left wing radicals,against bush,the military.our war policyies,They attact every part of the american way of life.thus splitting this country down the middle.This wasnt enough,so they went after the weak,the poor,the elderly.They new if they could convince this part of america,the right was evil,that the republicans were the bad guy,and america should be punished,if they could do that,they would take control of this country.So what came next,They needed a a man who talked well,dressed well,and could resignate with the people,they needed a man who could become a god in the minds of middle america,less fortunate americans,they invented OBAMA.All of a sudden america is excited,crying ,they have a black man as there president,This long legged self appointed god to american left wingers was born.                                                                                                                                                              They still needed assurence there plan would not fail,so they needed 1 more thing to complete there take-over of america,They had to brake the back of the american econnime-with-out looseing there base,there fallowers,what better ammunition to distroy our econnime than oil.higher gas would force food prices,and every part of our econnime into a total-down fall.So obama and his left wing idiot,american haters went to work.The gulf oil spill was a dream come true for obama,almost to convenient.if you ask me.This gave obama the excuse to shut down all off shore drilling,since this disaster,1 permit to drill has been issued.1..gas prices started up and never stopped..What i dont understand is why Americans havent went off on our goverment,were paying twice the amount for gas than we paid 2 years ago.gas id going up so fast,people havent got a grip of reality,were in big trouble here.can this be stopped,hell yes it can ,right now.within a few days we could have gas down under 2.00 again ,even lower ,if we had a president with balls,if we had a prez with exspeance.we got neather.We have a community organiser ,being told what to do.Its not obama doing this,hes just fallowing orders,from his bosses,1 phone call to opec-say enough,you drop the prices now,or we stop buying your oil,and we will start drilling our own.this threat alone,will cause oil prices to plumit.But we no that call will never be made.To many of obamas big supporters-will loose to much money,china would loose,the middle east would see america.All we are is a stepping stone for the socailist movement,and the new world order.                                                                                                             It all is falling in place.can it be stopped.(MABY,) If we can show obamas support base what there doing,We need black americans to see this mans a fraud,we need to show america the demicratic party has betrayed this country.The sad reality is this is probly gonna be our only chance to servive,black america has a chance here to rise up and single-handedly save this country.Yes my african american friends ,you can save us,you can repay our founding fathers for the laws that made slavery illegal and unconstatutional.incase you didnt no this,Not 1 slave was ever owned by a republican,they were against it,all slave owners were demictrates,yes friends,the party off the KKK,Was the people who caused you all the suffering,But yet you support these animals,why,ill never understand.Obama will distroy us all if you dont see the hard truth ,fast.youve been lied to.ill close this artical with 1 more statement,Tell me what has obama did for you since his election,did you get any of the billions he promised you,he took our money and gave it to his union friends and supporters,he gave you a 250.00 stimulas check.he lied to you my friends,black america this is your country to.your americans to.we all us defeat this trator to the black commuity and our country,help us plz.

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