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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is This Real-Or Just Another Crooked Lie.((DEMICRATIC POLITICS)) Will Americans Fall For This,NOT LIKELY.

After 3 years of obama politics,Back door bull-shit,crooked politics,trillion dollar spending sprees,years of laughing in our face,because we wanted proff he was legal,Theres still so much cover-up going on.his undoughtable relience to the muslum faith.after trump finally turns on the heat,Obamas poll #s drop to 30s,Only then does the white house produce a birth certificate, they really exspect us to believe this crap.Its funny how only last month the govenor of the island stated,his state didnt give birth certificates out back then,all they had was(( live birth certificates ))-What happened,who lieing here.the president,or the govenor.Why is it after all this a certificate is produced.,Something stinks here.From the begging this administration has relied on back yard politics,back door deals,promised the american people transparentcy,got non of it,lied to the american people ,told them he would be the modern day ((robin hood))and take hard working american peoples money and give it to the poor,well ,has anybody seen this money,has anybody had there rent paid,weres the money he promised the poor lazy americans,Did he do anything he promised on the campain trail,yes he did do the thing.(( he fundamentally changed the country,))Boy did he tell the truth there.Our way of life has been changed forever,it will take 3 generations of americans to repare the damage this man and his idiot fallowers has done.Now almost 3 years later he produces a piece of paper ,looks us in the face and says here it is,trust me.Bull-shit,sorry you had a chance you blew it.heres a link were you can compare birth certificates,1 is a origional from same hospital,the others is obamas,youll planely see -obamas piece of paper is fake.((

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