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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A once powerful,nation feared by our enommies,A nation that people from all over the world died trying to get to her,A nation once thought of as a nation of god loveing people,is about to fall.What happened,What happened to the pride ,this great country once had,The stability of the world,depended on us,Everyone new,if america falls,the world falls.Sept 11th,Our world did change,A once powerful force in the world was attact from within our own borders,3000 americans died.The world of radical islam,opened-up the eyes of the world.osama binladen although he was well known by our goverment,was introduced to us on that day,to the world,that day.Yes the american people were asleep,as we sleep,as we injoyed our freedoms,A plot was being dreamed up behind the doors,to bring down this once powerful nation.On that day,(WE THE PEOPLE )United as one,to stand fast against the evil that attact our way of life.I was proud of the american people,Iwas proud when my boys came to me and told me,they joined the military,they wanted to be a part of the most powerful force for good,in the world.I was proud to be a american.Now,im scared,for the 1st time in my life,i am afraid my freedom,my country,our way of life,is in jepordy,our way of life is at a cross road,do we fight for our way of life,Or do we give we or did we already,hand our country over to the enommie.The simple solution would be to close our borders,bring home all our troops,And begin deporting all non-american people,stop buying overseas oil,and start pumping our own,(green jobs,wind-mills,)lmao-was a pipe-dream.Obama is a nut case.We have enough natural resorses to sutain ourself for a long time.If we did this,we could make it.but no-thats just to resonable.Instead we allow the radical left and there nut cases,say,were distroying our earth,our air,we have ant-american cult groups like code pink,protected buy our goverment,useing religious laws,set forth in our constatution,obama bowed to leaders of the world,like he was a pussie.r founding fathers seen this idiot comeing,laws were put in place to protect us.we are a nation of laws,( I THOUGHT.),But i guess the laws are only for the people,The powerful,the politions,have no laws,these arragent ass holes make the laws.For some reason ,they feel,there beyond the law.If our elected officals believed in our constatution,in our laws,BARAK HUSSANE OBAMA,Would be setting in jail,instead of running our country.Our elected officals are just as much to blame as our muslum presadent.All other presadents had to prove citizion-ship,what made obama differnt.Because he was black,because he was young,good-looking,a good speeker.Why was this man allowed to even run for office.Was it a oversight,or was it something evil,was it a planned well thought out idea,to take over a super power.Something went horrably wrong america.This countrys is so divided-I see nothing but death and distruction in our future.Isee a new civil war brakeing out-with in our borders,I see a nation devided between good and evil.And the big question is ,who do we trust,you have the dems,who are lead by obama,polosie,and reid,hell bent on distroying our country,So far everything theyve done has hurt this country,moraly,finationally,militaryly.You say ,no we got the right,the republicans,Well lets see,what theyve done.if we are a nation of laws,why havent they impeached this radical muslum,why is he still raining havic in our country.why do they still end up giveing him is money,the people dont want obama care,they want it done away with,why has nothing been done,Its almost as if there in on this take over.socailists have been trying for years to bring communizum to america.maby they just changed there stratagy,maby they just told us what we wanted to hear,to get elected,makes sence dont it.republicans are nothing but cowards,who gave into these communist left-anti-american demicratics.the sad thing is we coulda got rid of all of them,but they convinced there brain dead base,there voters,the american demicratic voter,that they want only whats good for them and they feel for it.And because of all the anti-american bull-shit,because there was nobody we could trust,the patriotic american,the true americans,formed the (TEAPARTY) A group of americans who still believe in america and the good she represents,But the evil that has dominated this country has went after these americans,the teaparty has been demonised,mocked,ridiculed,Theres a constent bombardment against it,why,theres a easy answer,The teaparty is a force for good.socailisum cant and wont servive if the teaparty is allowed to grow,freedom ,liberty,and justas for all,does not work in a socailist goverment.So it must be distroyed at all costs.just when americans think its all lost,A man steps in the picture,who has the balls to defend the teaparty,a man who believes in america,a man who has the balls to tell the truth,of whats really happening here in america,at 1st the left didnt say much,untill they relised,this man is reaching to many people,americans are lissioning to him,(GLENN BECK))  Became a overnight hero for millions,a man with a vision of (hope,) for america.This man was wakeing up america,The left figured out they had a problem,And orderd there media outlets,nbc,cbs,msnbc,abc,ect-To go after him,and that they did,ruthlessly,.but the more they went went after him the stronger he got,and the stronger he got,the more powerful ( FOX NEWS )became.Not even soros money could stop ,glenn beck,or fox news,Or did it.Last week the un-thinkable was announced ,glenn was leaveing his day time-show,The most watched show on day-time tv,was being cancelled.The pride-of fox news,the pride of the teaparty,the pride of the american freedom movement,has been taken of the air.(WHO GOT TO FOX) Who had enough power to spook even fox news.I never dreamed i see the day that fox would turn on the american people.but it did.Glenn is to powerful,you cant shut him up.unlike fox news,Glenn stands for good ,in a country were evil has taken over.Glenn Beck ,can not be silenced,patriotic Americans can not be silenced.GOD, can not be Silenced.As long as we have true americans,like GLENN BECK,SARAH PALIN,ALLEN WEST,MICHILLE BACKMANN,,And a few more,we can and will servive,although fox news has all but turned on us,We still have our pride.We will take back our beloved country,with foxs help or not.this is america,home of the brave.,land of the free.Although were in big trouble,we will still retake america.hold your faith america,WE WILL SERVIVE.( GOD BLESS AMERICA.)

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