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Friday, April 8, 2011


This is mind boggeling,We tell the speeker shut down the goverment,hold your course,we have your back.It looks like hes lissioning to us,But so is the left,there planning a trash dumping day at bohners house.Were is his support basemAmerica this is a perfect exsample of why were looseing our country,the radical left animals have been programmed to do what it takes,even if it takes violent actsmTo get the job done,We told the speeker,stay the coursemwe have your back.Well weres is cover,hes lissioning,America how do you exspect our leaders,to respond to our wishes,if your not gonna help.How can you exspect our politions to trust us if your not willing to do anything but type your feelings.America,weres your balls,Are you gonna allow,obamma to completely distroy this country before you get up off your asses.We told the speeker to stay on course,he stays on course,and your failing as his base to stand up in his support.This is were our problem lies friends.The left is motivated,the rights to dam lazy to get off there tushes and defend this country.America were about to be over-thrown by our own govermentmand your just sitting there.This blog is a nother exsample,I fight tirelessly,to degrade and show america the demicrats are evil,that theyve sold there soules to the devil,90% of the comments im getting,i cant post,because there so violent,the left is on me like flys on shit,Weres the right,if youll look at comments,you wont find any,the right cant even comment on a storymthey cant leave facebook,Friends this is were we beggin to fall apart,facebooking is great,you make people awarembut you must go farther,you must act,Were doing all we can with words,but words allone will not fix our country,you must act,you must act,WE MUST GET IT RIGHT -because if we dont,we will loose it all.How will you exsplane to your children-that you allowed these evil (son of a bitches )on the leftmto take this country over because you were to lazy to act,or to get up.America words alone are not gonna save our nation from these evil bastards.Its up to you.are you a nation of cowards,or are you patriots.Its up to you,you want our politions to work for you,do what you want,then get cant exspect the few true patriotic congressman we do have ,if your not gonna sapport them.Im a demicrat,a vary pissed of asshamed of my party,there not what i was raised to parents always told me vote for whos best for the job,never vote because there in our party,vote if there a good canadate,put country 1st,the party 2nd.the demicratic party has lost touch,in my oppion so has the republican party.there almost as bad,if they were true patriots,obamma would already be impeached,and in jail.but as you can see,his criminal impire is thriveing.if the left sucks,and the right sucks,that only leaves 1 party to trust,((the teaparty,))America were dead meet,if you dont get off your tushes,Get out there and make a difference.

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