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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Demicrats Are baby Killer,-And the republicans,are pussies,And the American People,have Excepted there Future,Americas About To Fall Over Aborition Rights.THIS IS DISSCUSTING

amagine our future america under demicratic rule,and socailist rule,population control seems to be there #1 priority,socailist goverment means america will be taken care of by the goverment,in-order for them to sustain this ,population control must be implamented,well i guess we can see what there method is,as americans we will be only allowed x amount of children,our familys will be limited 2 only 1 or 2 children,with the implants the goverment will put in us,they will be able to see and control how we feed and care for our children,is this really what you want america,really,ITS CALLED COMMUNISUM,ITS CALLED CHINA,ITS CALLED TOTAL CONTROL OVER US,America how did we allow this.This demicratic party has went out of control.This presadent is a radical,willing to stop at nothing to gain control.And the american people are allowing it.Was obama right,are we no longer a nation of god.It sure looks that way.The thought of our goverments budget being held up from being sighned,because the party of baby killers wants funding for there population control organisation (planned parent hood )is a discrace.And the commander and theif of our military threatning to vito a bill to assure there paid,Is discusting.When will you wake up,when will you get off your asses and defend this country,how will you exsplain to your children,sorry we lost our country.we were to lazy to save it,you want to be free,you fight and die for it,we couldnt,Is this your,so,sad.america.the left has based there foundation on murdering our babys,and the right,resorted to doing nothing,if this is the case,were finished.america the home of freedom,liberty,and a propheras future has died.

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