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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Its to bad in america,a citizun,has to protect themselfs against there own goverment.But in henderson kentucky.thats exacally what we have to do.The demicratice party here rules with a iron fist.and the good old boy network,is going strong.,im a teapartyer,last year i had the opertunity during the elections to get a 1st hand account how city and county goverment works..In henderson ,but i just found out the good old boy network,will stop at nothing to main tain there power,or what else they will do to make sure they keep it.these guys are ruthless,backwoods politions that run henderson as if it were a pot-growing factory.they have all bases coverd,and are willing to stop at nothing to maintain it.demicrats have ruled henderson for years with a iron fist,codes,taxes,regulations,-are driveing people out of henderson,busness shutter at the thought of building a perfict example of whats wrong with henderson,i live in the county,3 years ago they took a house next to me tore it down,sandy built a parking lot there.makeing my property a cornor lot.the problem is they built it to high,1 ft above my line,now take into account all of us on dr hodge has had a flood problem for years here,with water running down dr hodge,flooding our propert causeing water damage.they never fixed it,now that they built this parking lot its worse,now the lot acts like a dam,backing up water under my house and leaves me under water 6 months out of the year,cause a lot of cost me over 7000.00last year repairing my house because of home owners wont pay for it till henderson fixes the problem,they refuse to fix nov of last year i fixed a shed i have that was damaged by water,county codes guys wrote me a tickit for a 50.00 vilolation i challenged the code,now next month it goes to a trial.were henderson county will spend 1000s of tax payers money,to collect 50.00 from that silly or what.i cant do this to the people of henderson,i cant allow these good old boys running henderson to blow a bunch of there money to collect this makes no cence to me.but its clear these demicrates in henderson are not for the people,or the busness,there out for each other and power.i made a final attempt today to neg-a reasonable deal with judge mccormic,but you now and i now hes gonna side with his crooked little codes inforcement officail.they must cover each others wrongs up.i loose they win i give.i live on socail security,i cant afford to defend myself against this power house.i just pray next election people wise up-these people lied to us to keep in power,nothing has changed,nothing,every officail re-elected lied.I wish some decent people  would run.its to late for me.but maby If if our local teaparty here ,would stop worring about stepping on toes,or being politically correct on everything they did,maby just maby we coulda changed the power base in control.but nope they knuckeled to the presure.Next election,you can count on 1 thing,i will be heard,loud and clear.i cant beat these people buy myself,but count on 1 thing,i will have a power base that will make this god old boy network in henderson say.opps-we done pissed the wrong mfer-off.

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