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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Obama care has been beatin and knocked around for a year now,The people of america plainly dont want it,But the left and obamma refuse to give it up,even as a fl fed judge said the intire bill is unconstatutional,and struck it down,and a month later obama administration has not appealled it,supream court hasnt set a date to here it,obama administration continues to try to implament it,well yester the florida judge again stepped in and told obama,eather challenge my dission,or stop trying to implament the bill.From the beggining obama,polosie,and reid,has not waverd,there gonna continue pushing this cluster fuck of a bill,even after a judge told them they cant,So obamma care dramma continues,Today on meet the press with hoste far left dummie and obamma puppit (david gregery)had head of the teaparty caukus on MICHELE BACKMANN,who broke a story wide open,If obama care didnt have enough problems,backmann announced today that a congressitional reacherch commity found hidden in the 3000 page bill, $105,450,000,000.00 of tax payer money hidden appropreated to fund the health bill.meaning polosie,obama and reid,illegally snuck this in and coverd it up,in hopes it wouldnt be found,1 yr later they found it,backmann states that eather obamma gives this money back to the people,or there will not be any compromiseing on the goverment budget everyone is battleing over.backmann called obama goverment a gangster goverment. lol-god i love this gal,this morning rush limb,stated the only up comeing candates we has for the 2012 elections,with any balls,are wearing shirts,lol-rush does have a way of getting his point out.since obamma has taken office,gas was 1.88 a gal,-2 yrs later its almost doubled,to 4.00 and 5.00-in the west.peoples ins premiums have went up 35%,when obama care was sappose to lower them,in march,febuarys budget came out,the obamma administration spent 150-billion dollars ,in just 1 month,this more than bushes intire yearly budgit.i guess last nov shalacking didnt fase these spend crazy idiots in dc.What more can be said,obamma care is illegal,was put togerather illegally,polosie reid,and obamma,has brutally distroyed our econnime,doz of laws have been broken,and i ask myself,weres the peoples outrage,weres the fire his ass,weres inpeach obamma,i here nothing,the left media is in repair mode,trying to cover up all the illegal politican going on,the republicans are hideing in the corner,afraid if they say 1 word,theyll be marked a raceist,only republicans saying anything are the teaparty freshman,headed up by backmann,onlt 2 people saying anything are backmann and palin,mr speeker weres your balls,why are you letting backmann and palin take the heat on this,while you sit back,weres your balls mr speeker,republicans,were are your balls,why is it the only politions we have that have any balls at all,are warring will take a whole day in court just to rad the charges these crooks on the left did.i remember clearly you impeached clinton for getting a blow job,and now you really do have politions who are crooks and you do nothing,be a man mr speeker,crying now will get you nowere,impeach these crooks,or you will suffer ,baddly in 2012,

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RENEGADE said...

republicans can impeach clinton for getting a blow job,but cant impeach obamma for felone crimes against the goverment,im beginning to think rush was right today when he said the only presadental canadates we have with any balls at all are wearing skirts

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