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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In this artical im gonna attemt to show the left,what the right already new.2 years into obammas presadency just what has he accomplished,His intire 1st year was spent on nothing but his main focue ,witch is a single payer,healthcare system.a system nobody wanted,But obamma and the demicratic left figured the tipical american demicrat wasnt smart enough to make resonable dissions on there own,so obamma disided,they were gonna get it,and what did the left do.they said thank you mr obamma,i no you did this for our own good.we love you.the right,the well educated american .new were this was going,a single payer health system ment on 1 thing,1 step closer to socailist take over.obama ,polosie,and reid new it would fail,so they shut out the republican party,created this bill behind close doors,everybody insisted on transparicy,obamma in his campain insisted on transparency,what did we get,3000 page stack of paper,that threw the us debpt into a debpt that this country has never seen,13 trillion dollars,this presadent spent more money in 1 year,than all the presadents combined,from bush-to the 1st american presadent.can you get a hold of that obama in 1 year spent more money than the intire goverment spent in 217 years,combined.he campained on distributing the wealth,he told you lazy ass americans who depend on the state to feed and cloth you.he told you these rich americans are pigs,there greedy,im going to take there money and give it to you,oh my god you guys went crazy,yes,mr obama you got our vote,you rushed to the poles like a herd of cattle,being herded into the slaughter house.well did you get your money.maby a 250.00 stimulas check,well at least that baught you some pot,maby some beer,a little crack,a day or 2 it was gone.have you seen anymore money yet.nope,he lied to you again.Oh he did distribute the wealth,he gave it to his #1 supporters,no people your not his #1 supporters,your nothing but a fan base to him,he used his friends were unions,donors,people who gave him money,union got billions,the people who minipulated you for your votes,like acorn, got millions,the black panthers,were on his payrole,they had to be,all charges were dropped on them,whats that tell you.your nothing to him,but he needs your support and vote,so he will tell you anything you want to hear,your his slaves ,your his puppits,our countrys is in finacail melt down,the billions he gave away of our money was sappose to go to create jobs,are you working yet,nope,lol-the unions are,the money went to union jobs,not you,your colateral damage to him,your nothing,but i promise next year a few months before his realection comes up,he will do something for you,maby another 200.00,just enough to buy you some more crack,or all got dupped,you got shoulda woke up.Now just what has he done then,has he secured the borders yet,has he deported the mexican illegals yet,you no the ones wwho are working your jobs,nope,as presadent his sole job is to protect us from all enommies,here or abroad,has he.well lets see,we have 34 open terrist training camps in the us that we no off,these islamic jihad training camps,are training jihadests on how to cut off your heads without hitting a bone,clean cuts,in dover tenn,thats what there being taught,several camps near our east coast military bases,training,well your setting there saying bull-shit,thats not leagal.well it use to be illegal yes,but under obamma there protected under the freedom of religon act,obamma wont touch them,why,why,its simple,i could care less what you think,obamma is muslum,he is protecting these terrists,because his bible,the karan,says he see people,being a muslum,is the same as being in the mafia,once your in your in for cant leave the religion,or youll be killed.yes a majority of muslums are good people,the radical muslums arnt,there sole perpus of liveing is to kill the infadels,(thats you )there religion has permision to lie,for the perpus of infiltrating our life style,to fit in.and when there told,witch will be soon,they will kill you,cut your heads of in the name of see the prohit mohammad was a out cast from the regular muslam faith.he was a pissed of reject,hell bent on getting even,ill bet you now someone else who had that problem,ya the devil,himself.was a out cast,so i hope you can see now,were in big trouble,the middle east is falling apart,fighting killing each other,like the bible said they would,whats obama doing,playing golf,raiseing money for his relection bid,japan has come the biggest catasterfy since ww2-theyve ended up nukeing themselfs,10,000 and climbing,death toll.weres obama shot hoops this morning,golfing this afternoon,this man has no concept on what hes doing,no idea,that hes turned the world against us,(or does he,is this his plan )why isnt he being presadental,why isnt he leading the world in the recovery,why,eather his inexspereance,understand this a (community organiser,)not as hard as the job of presadent.people youve been lied to,wake up.we can still save ourselfs,but 1st we must fix what you screwed up.obamma has to be impeached,and replaced with real leadership.and vary soon,2012 will be to late,must be now.its up to you my demicratic ex americans,you can keep on this path,let this new revolution begin,just remember this,you dont like guns,we do,were well armed,you aint,were going to win this war,now you must disside whos side your on.obamma and his socailist movement,or will you side with real americans,up to you,think hard,not long,obammas union thugs are about to screw up.someones gonna be killed by a union thug,and it will be on.disside now,

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