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Friday, March 18, 2011


  1. Here we are going on 3 years into obummers administration,what have we go,the 1st year and a half was nothing but health care,obummer wasnt interested in nothing but getting this health care bill passed,he didnt care what was legal or illegal he wanted it,So why polosie and reid,haveing the luck of the irish,had full control of the house and the senate,so off they went,cramming pet peve bills threw congress and obama sighning um,without letting the republicans have a say in them,infact republicans were so out numbers,these bills were written in little private rooms,nobody new what was in then till maby a hour before they were to be voted on,well so much for trasparency obummer promised,in these little rooms,demicrats were braught in 1 at a time,and there votes were baught by sweet heart deals,given to some states,talk about crooked,but i guess this is the new demicratic party.they give there poor slobs who support them a 250-stimulas check,enough to buy some beer a little pot,some crack,walla the welfare demicrat loves obummer again,America have you ever thought why you can yell screem,bitch ,haller about obummer,and nobody seems to be lissioning or just dont care,have you ever thought about it,ask yourself why,doesnt he care what we think or say.why does he rapeatable treat our constatution like its nothing,why does he diside he thinks a bill is his eyes sucks,and desides its nolonger law.people lission to me,you people on the right i mean,the left are retarded idiots,who cant think for themselfs,they need obummer to make there dissions,our constatution states,no law shall be inacted with out being approved by both houses,this law also says no law shall be strickened from the books,without approval from both you no the law,lets go back to the law obamma struck down without approval of congress.the law pretained to same sex marrage,you no gay shit,stuff god condems,ok,enough,obummer disides he dont like the law and declares it unconstatutional,and orders his racest att general,eric the whittie hater holder,to stop inforcesing that think about it,obama doest like 1 of our constatutional laws,so he strikes it down,doesnt request congress to reconsider,(the self appointed god himself obamma)dicides to do it anyway.that fed-law broke should of jailed this idiot instantantly.were was the outcry,were was congress,were to hell was anybody.hideing in there little cornors afraid if they said anything,they would be accused of being marked a raceist.america even our republican right wingers seem to be cowards,were has the real god fearing american polition gone,were are the stand up for the american way,politions,why does everyone fear obamma.he has shreaded our constatution,spit on the ten commandments,called our founding fathers old raceist white men.and nobody says a thing.nobody,well from what i can see 2 people have the balls to stand up to him,and they happen to wear skirts,lmao-how did that happen,while speeker banard hides from the truth,or is in the cornor crying how he come from a nobody to the 3 most powerful american in the country,a man who has the power to impeach this mad man,has the power to force obamma to go by the law,what does he do,nothing,absalutly nothing,america we got a nation brakeing problem here,our 120 year history as free americans is in trouble,the only to person out there trying to put obummers feet to the fire are michele backman.the gal is doing all she can,but isnt getting any help,she found 105-billion dollars of money the demicrats hid in the health bill.that nobody new was about theifin crooks,polosie,reid need to be jailed right beside obamma.what im trying to say,is 2 years into obummers term,were 14 trillion dollars in debpt,ya 14 trill-thats more money spent in 1 year,than the intire budgit since our country was born,yes obama and this demicratic party spent more money in 1 year,than all our presadents combined spent in our countrys history,think about that.and the demicrooks-even today still blame bush,says they inhareted this mess,lol-reallyyyyy,bush left office we were 550 billion dollars in the hole,ya thats a lot of money,but wait,obamma takes over and in 1 year,not 220 years,in 1 freekin year,he blew 14 trillion dollars.maby you cant grip that ,for the demicrats ill simplaphy it,if you can count lets see bushh spends,,$550,000,000,000.00 1 year later obamma spends (14,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.000,000,000 ).get the picture.stop freekin blamming bush,we were in good shape when bush left office comepared to what obammas done in 2 years.america this mad man must go,now,not in 2012,he will distroy us by then, its not doing any good bitching about obamma,hes not lissioning,you want to hurt obamma,hurt him in his base support group,go after the demicrats in a hole,they did this not obamma,hes just the messenger,the man with a pen,the igo driven pussy from chicago.that had nothing all his life,now we have given him a all exspences paid vaction for 4 years at our exspence,the obammas are nothing but free loading squaters whos liveing the socailists dream,liveing of other peoples hard work.his vacation will endsoon,and if you dont lission real close,he will get a exstended 4 year vacation.i dont no about you ,but im feed up with watching michele obamma getting on of our plane she takes on here many vacations,dressed like some getto bitch,im tiredddd of the obammas basically shoveing this shit in our faces,im done,lission to me,1st thing you do,is go after congress,get them yellow bellied lot lizzards of there asses,and get him impeached,hes broken more laws than all our presadents combined,theyll find something to charge him with,then you go after the demicratic left,they,and they alone gave obamma this money to blow,yes america polosie,reid and the intire demicratic party authorized this money to be blowen,throwen away,on bull-shit,why,its easy its called brake the country,starve the people,force everybody on goverment assistence,leave the country dependent on its goverment,then what do you have.yes A SOCAILIST GOVERMENT CONTROLLED BY SOCAILISTS COMMIE ASS-HOLES.This has been the demicratic dreamfor years,go after them right now.make um step down,leave office,there are laws they broke to ,to force um out,trust me.theyll be enough constatutional laws broke in the health care bill alone to get them out.NEXT AND FINALL STEP,ACCOMPLISH THIS,WE HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK,BEFORE 2012.go after the voters,show them were they messed up,show them were the dems-and obamma lied to them,there stuppid america,all they no is what the bias media tells them,snatch these retards up 1 voter at a time,and show them,there being used,show them how real socailisum works,scaredthere asses back to the middle and away from do this people ,we cant do it on the computer,you must get out there and snatch them out of the hoods,out of the gettos,out of the trailer parks,you must go to must do this,every body make a goal,(if every american patriot goes out and gets 1 hard core demicrat and converts um,we win,think if we all convert 1 dem our power doubles,we win.but dont stop at 1 save as many lost soles as you can,good luck guys ,get to work,1 year from now i hope we can see change we really can believe in,god bless america.

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