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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If the american people dont start standing up and insisting our politions fallow the constatution.were all in trouble,weve been silent so long,our politions have pretty much at will passed unconstatutional laws,theres several out there being inforced ,that are unconstatutional.we the people did this ,cant blame anybody but our self,for the recorses we will face.we did it,now the big question is,are there enough careing americans out there will to stand up and insist it change,America i dont care what anybody thinks about the teaparty,if not for the teaparty we wouldnt be here right now typeing this stuff,the american people have been in a freekin comma,when it comes to our constatuion,now we sit here thinking wtf-happened,now we must diside,do we force our politition,back to constatutional law-or do we give up-and allow this good old boy network,continue distroying our country,thank god for the teaparty,america-our only hope is the teaparty,,im a pround member,of this patriotic bunch of americans,i might be a demicrat,but im an american 1st,my country comes 1st.i dont no what happened to the demicrats,but theyre lost.1 thing about me ,even though im a dem,i voted always for who was best for the job,i voted for ragon,clinton,both bushes,f-obama i had his # from day 1.america ,we did this,we must fix it.#1-stop voteing party lines,thats what got us in this shape,no who your voteing for,its important,2012 if we even make it till then,(i have my doughts )but if we have a election,im gonna back trax a little,were in to bad of shape,our countrys on the verge of total distruction.we cant fix it fast enough,do not vote for 1 demicrat,not 1,ive seen no dem worthy of our vote,there ballist,they got none.they fallow obama,polosie,and reid,(a polition that cant think for him self or her self))has no busness in office.fallow the teaparty america,join it get involved,there good people,there not raceist ,trust me,that shit your hereing from the left is garbage,start thinking for your self,start thinking patriotic,start thinking ,about your children and grandchildren,there future is in our the right thing america,we can fix this great countrywe can be proud again,we can rebuild,if we chop obammas legs of right here and now.we need to stand up -be heard loud and clear,impeach obama asap-or loose our nation to socailist rulers,and islamic radical thugs,who care nothing of life.America-in in your ball park now,stand up say enough,or sit there do nothing,and except obammas new world order.

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