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Thursday, March 10, 2011


America,ive been yelling for months,i seen this comeing,but nobody lissend,Well were here.Chicago style strong arm tactics,the obamma administration has used,is comeing to a head.madison union ,riots,thats all they are.has growen out of control.mob backed unions are now in full strong arm mode,backed and funded by barak obamma.Theres a reason why obama gave billions to unions 2 yrs ago.this was why.obamas civilion army he told us about ,wasnt what you thought,it was the well armed mob unions.were in trouble america,buy your,refusal to lission or believe,blood will soon flow in our streets,complament of our presadent,and his union thugs,Now we come to this hard dission,that must be made.asap.the removal of this presadent,Isee no other way.hes proven to stop at nothing to get his agendas past,even blood shed for those apposeing him.America,look at madison,real close,jessie jackson ,raiseing hell calling fowl,says these tactics the republicans used to pass this bill,was un demicratic,unconstatutional.the same exact tactics the demicrats used to pass the healthcare see were this is headed america,if dems use a procedure to ram something down our throats,it ok,but if a republican trys it,its sick of this,America,were in trouble,americans are about to die in large #s,and blood will soon fill our streets.our nation will soon be in total disaray,we must act now,theres no more time.were about to go to war within our own borders,because of obammas chicag style politics,there wont be a 2012 election,we will eather be dead-or under socail rule ,lead my obama and the this what you really want america,stand up now,you might never-get another willing to die,i pray im not alone,it will get nasty and bloody,but the alternive is worrse.impeach this mad man now.or were finished,Americas about to die before our vary eyes,your about to distroy your own childrens future,all in the name of (brain dead )america you must wake up from this coma your in or loose forever.your choose.impeach obama now.or loose your country,those are your only chooses.make your dissions god i cant belive im saying this,(its a life or death dission,)live free,-or die,trying .thats your choose.(god bless america )

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RENEGADE said...

American patriots,we have no choose now,our politions are hopeless,there ballist,they dont have the guts for this,its up to the american people now.i want you all were-ever you live nation wide,to organise now,gather people up,march on your capitals,your town court hoses,city halls,everywere ,flood your streets,obama must go,obama must go,obama must goooooo.get up,get-up-get up.theres no chooses left,were gonna start dieing in the streets america,our presadents plan for a new world order in in full swing,if you want to live free america,you must be willing to die for it.a million americans in our armed forces has already died for you,now you must show your appreation,and stand up for them,they must not die in vain,riseeeee america noww or die tomarrow

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