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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God Warned Us Of These times/Has The Anti-Christ Risen/Can We Save Ourselfs,((YES)) But We Must Act Now,,Theres Still Hope

The world is falling apart,riots in the streets,world leaders falling like,leaves from trees,Our worlds future is up in the air.Nobody knows whats in our future,Is revolations correct,Are we in the end times,Is god fixing to return to reclame is people.We dont no,nobody knows when god will return,But i do no this,When he does return,will be a glorieus day.But we just dont now,So we must go on with life as if we have generations of new americans,and people around the world,depending on us.I hear people say ,forget it,its gods wrath,hes punishing all non believers,(maby )But i just dont fall for that ideoligy,If god didnt want us to think,or create our own destanys,he would have never given us a brain,Yes gods comeing,yes all non believers,will fall into the gates of hell.But i feel gods a piece loveing god,(GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD,THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTIN SON,WHO DIED AT THE CROSS,FOR OUR SINS,HE DIED FOR OUR SINS,ALREADY.)So now every person,everyone of gods children,can still be saved,can still live a wanderful life with him in heaven.all you have to do is ask for his forgiveness.yes its that simple.Now here we are ,Our world in anarky,the united states on the verge of total collaps.Whats gonna happen to us.((We cant stop or determin gods return,or rath,)But we can determin our future lives here on earth,God gave us these brains in our some-times brain dead heads,he exspected us to use determin our own future.Ok america,we must start useing our brain,we must start thinking outside the box,we must make the right dissions this time,because if we dont,our remaining days or years on earth ,will be horrable.(BARRAK HUSSAIN OBAMMA )appeared from nowhere,or rose from the ashes,he appeared with a shady back ground,has no path that we can find,Our presadent cant even prove were he was born,theres no records,Who is this man,this smooth talking,self appointed god.He has took hundreds of years of a constatutionally lead country,a god loveing country,and in 2 short years,Distroyed it.Who is this man,Who distroyed in 2 years,what world tirents,and anarkists,tryed to distroy and failed.Who is this man,who distroyed a freedom loveing peoples,country,right under there noses,who is this man that told us,im going to fundamentally change this country forever.And recruted,our youths to help him in its distruction.who is this man,were is he from,were is his true roots,who is this man with no past,How can a man with no past become a presadent of a country,who doesnt allow non americans to be its leader.who is he,who is he,who is he.America if you dont wake up.If you dont wise up.Were gonna die,We have 1 hope,1 prayer ,1 chance at life,liberty,and persuite of happyness.we have 1 more chance at life.Before total anarky brakes loose,every law,every bill passed,every judge appointed,every dollar he spent,every goverment job he created,will be null and void,if hes not leagally elected.America,if this man cant prove his legal states,hes gone,everything hes done over turned,Can our salvation really be this easy.It most certinally can and will be,but you have to rise,you have to unite,you have to insist.he prove it.Blood will soon start flowing in our streets,Obamma has distroyed our econnime,cost of liveing ,has risen out of sight,soon hunger will drive the human race into total anarky.The bible warned us of this,the bible even told us who will creat this,the bible states clearly,the anti-christ will rise from the ashes,wareing a blue turbon,he will be able to minipulate and control people,they will be mezmerised by his abuilty to speek,,they will worship this faults god,Wars will brake out in gods birth lands,world powers will battle,the earth will shack,distroy intire countrys,Anything sound familure to you.america.We can change our present out come america,this is why god gave us this brain,we must use it,we must get it right.please america,you must rise now,or we will loose,time is short,obamma must go,must be removed,must be dethroned of his distructive power,long before 2012 election.he must disapear from the world stage vary soon.he has invited his brothers into this country,there hear by the millions,radical islam is here,these radical believers of mohammad,another self apponted here to kill and behead the infadels.this we cant stop.there already here,were gonna start dieing brutal deaths,vary soon,but if obamma is removed,vary soon,we can bring home our army,put strong leadership in office,and miminise the impack of this new radical attact that about to happen.wake up america,our time to rise is here,its right now,or never.our future depends on this dission you must make,god help us.

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Anonymous said...

If we make it to the 2012 election.

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