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Friday, March 18, 2011


  1. Well america,do ya miss-um yet,I no i do,What i wouldnt give to have um back right now.It saddens me to sit back and watch this socailist commie community organiser,distroy this country,at will,with no political recorse,from the right or the left,it hurts that the republican right politions wont even try to stop him.these chicken shits just dont get it.Its plane what america wants,but they refuse to go after him,why,there fear of being marked a raceist by the left,has made the ballist pussies sit back and allow the obamma machine ,to totally distroy this country,bush wasnt to angel,but he was at least true to his belifs,stead fast on his morels,and he protected this country,why would he do this,unlike (barack hussain obamma ) gw bush loved this country.look at us now.The demicrats are so angry with this country,theyre gonna punish us all by takeing our country and brakeing it,distroying our vary reason for liveing here,(OUR FREEDOM )Theres a reason why demicrats lost power for so long,they lost there vary foundation they stood for,What the reublicans represent today,is what the demicrats stood for years ago.Im heart broke that my party would distroy this wanderful country,because there trying to hold on to power this time,by forceing our country into socailist rule.We cant blame it all on obamma,because were 14 trillion in the red,we cant blame only obamma for this illegal health care bill that got crammed down our throat.Its not right blamming only obamma for our failed econnime,its not even right to blame obamma for our failed middle east policys,we cant blame only him,Because the demicrats were the only party ,that could give him the money,yes america,we wouldnt be 14 trillion in the red if the demicrats didnt give him the money,there the blame were in the red,these left wing treasonists ,caused this shit,The socailist demicratic left,gave obamma everything he ask for,the right had no say so at all,All the screaming,yelling,hallering they did,was laughed of,the presadent told them to go sit in the back and be quiet.How was the demicrats allowed to openinly distroy this country,they got the secreat wepone handed to them on a silver plater.its called (THE RACE CARD )If anybody said a word against obamma,the dems called um raceist.Now our republican party are all gun shy,cowards,who are allowing the demicrats to openly distroy our econnime,allowing obamma to go on tour telling the world were so sorry,we forced freedom around the world,Appoligised to world leaders,he bowed his head to them,,Who knows what he did for them in private,eather way he distroyed our world wide respect in 1 week.under bush,our enommies feared us ,under obamma,they kill us,there allowed to build and operate 34 known jihad training camps,in this country under the protection of obamma,the even though he thinks our constatution is out dated,hes sure likes 1 law though,and that the freedom of religion act.He allows terrist to train jihadist to kill us ,with in our own borders,1 of these camps is only 50 miles from my house.that scares me.I complaned ask why this is allowed to happen,gov says there protected under religion act,they say we no there there and were watching them,lmao-there watching um.what to hell is going on,34 terrist bases in the united states,4-million muzzies live here,We no there sleeper cells all over this country,and all the goverment can say,were watching them.bull-shit,its pretty plane obamma has sold us out,hes turning us over the islamic radicals,hes trying to force shara into our culture.any min now the order can be given,and the shit hits the fan,3-to-4 million muzzies orders to cut our heads of,kill us in our homes,theyll murder our children in there schools,they shoot us walking down the street.obamma has invited our enommie into our country for a reason,he is no dought a muzzie,and being a muslum is like being in the mob,once your in your in for life,you cant leave the faith,its when obamma stands there and tells you hes no-longer a muslum,hes a christain,hes lieing out his ass,theres a reason why the dems dont force him to produce a birth certificate.hes not american.Weve been lied to,cheated,by obamma and the demicratic left.were within a few months,of looseing our country and freedoms,ya we will no longer be free to do anything without goverment ok,nothing,socailist rule sucks,its communisum,flat out.But the sadest thing of all.yes our goverment has been infiltrated,by socailist scum bags,yes our only defence in washington are the republican right wing,and there cowards,only real patriotic congressman we have are the 50 teaparty senaters up there,not enough,even though washington dc is corrupt,full of treasonists,theres still hope,Yes there is,its we the people,this is our country,the constatution says it is,the constatution tells us we can go to washington and forcably take back our country,yes america,we can load our guns,and hall ass to washington,our state capitals,and force these corrupt politions out,its our right,legally no cop can stop you,legally,im sure theyll try,but our founding fathers seen this comeing,and protected us.But dont worrie washington,a good part of this country are cowards,a lot of the people are so brain dead to whats going on around them,you dont have to fear us,I wish we had that motivation,but weve been free so long,people dont no what its like to be anything but free,so when a smooth talking,good looking black man stands up on stage and promises everybody hope and change,everybody falls at his feet,there new god has arrived.I hope we can still stop this take over,theres still a chance,but getting everyone of there asses and united,is a whole differnt puppy,we will see,america,you only got a few months of freedom left.make good use of it.

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