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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


America,the world is falling apart,world leaders are conspiring to create a (new world order )Our own leaders here in america are in on it,America for generations has been the world leader on piece and world order.America for generations has been the 1 place the piece loveing people of the world,wanted to be like.But a few radical socailist people in the world disided,World piece,will conflick with there ideas,and set out to distroy this way of life.Today after generations of planning,plotting,scheeming,There on the verge of completeing there dreams.Theyve suceeded in causeing world anarky,nations are at the mersey of rioting people attempting to over throw there goverments,radicals from both sides are imbedded deep in our goverment system,There plans for a 1 world goverment is almost ready to implament themselfs,Freedom loveing Americans,Were under assult,our freedoms are at a cross roads.We eather stand up now,defendour rights as freedom loveing americans,or fall to a socailist rule,that only a communist can appreate.(( Today Is The 1st Day-Of The Rest Of Our Lives )) The chooses you make today,will affect your future and your childrens future,You must diside right now,were you want to see your country head. We must rise up now and defend our way of life,We must stand up now against our own goverment,We must insist on the immedeate return to our constatution,We must insist on our leaders tostand up for what our founding fathers set forth for us.Our laws were created by our founding fathers,created and based on (NATURAL LAW ) What is natural law,easy exsplanation,(GODS LAW )Our constatution was based on gods law,And trying to figure out why our countrys falling apart is easy to figure out.When goverment took god out of our laws,We feel apart.Obamma told the world we are no longer a christion nation,We are no longer god fearing people.Was he right.No way,we must stand up and show the world god still rules,and god will be victoreas.Im inviteing anyone who still believes in america,who still believes in her greatness,to goin our call to action network.We must stop the radical corrupt politions running our country,Our dirrect freedoms and way of life is,under assult,We must unite as 1 america and take down,and restore our natural goverment,the goverment created by our founding fathers,and lead by our god,(the creator of man kind )You diside america,non believers are doomed,believers will go on.join us today,and our march on every state capital we have in this country,help us show,As americans,(were not gonna take it anymore,) America we can give up and give in,Or we can fight back and preserve what god and our founding fathers gave us ,freedom and liberty for all.GOD BLESSED OUR COUNTRY.Now its time we defend god instead of crusifieing him again.IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN OUR MARCH ON ALL US CAPITALS CLICK THIS LINK

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