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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Can you amagine what it would be like,to cut another person,Aliveing breathing human,and take a knife,while there looking at you,and slowly cut there head off,lissing to the yelling,gurgaling,the gasping,blood gushing out,,and watch that person slowly,painfully die,Someone who can do that ,isnt human,That is the choose of exicution,for the islamic,religion.And to think,these animals are in the united states,by the millions,waiting for the word to kill us,behead us,our children,our wifes,Thank you (barrak obamma )-for bringing them here,(SHAREA LAW)-IS THE LAW OBAMMA WANTS,and to amagine,the demicrats,on the left,agree with him,so the next time you look at a demicrat,tell him thank you for betraying your religion,and your country.The karan,there bible,states it clearly,Beheading the infadels,is to honor Mohammad.Islamic radicals have been pooring into the united states since 9/11.Under bush,he attempted to stop them,Under obamma,he invites um into the country.Soon the word will be given,and Americans will start dieing by the 1000s,in the most unhuman ways.This is the calling of Mohammad,this is The plan of the radical islamic terrists,But what scares me is ,the karan tells all muslums to partake in this slaughter,will your nabor take part,will your friends in this religion,protect you or kill you,there religion tells them they must.If my god told me i must do something to prove my faith,lord nows i would,America,your lives are about to change forever.America will never be the same,Anything shy of putting obamma in jail,for treason,and replaceing him with a strong leader who can and will defend our country,were finished,Weres our majority leader,hes #3 in command,He has the power to impeach,remove this man,why hasnt he.Why havent the american people rose up by the millions and insist on his removal,a.s.a.p,why.was obamma right when he stood in front of the arab community,(and called us a nation of cowards)It looks like he was right.America have you been free so long,you forgot how you got this freedom,Have you forgot the 10s of 1000s-who died for you,to give your this country,and this freedom,you know freedom wasnt free,it came at a cost.Now because of your lack of bravery,Were vary soon gonna be fighting in our streets,trying to preserve this way of life,you refused to defend.Was obamma right,are you a nation of cowards,are you so afraid ,that you would let your freedom be taken,away by a tyrant.(god help us)

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