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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I lost my faith in teachers,after seeing what there teaching our children in madison,it makes me wander,just how far accross the country these socailist pigs go with there teaching cridentals,i wander how many of our schools are infected with this swine flue epidemic,You sound like my old teacher.GOD BLESS YOU..Our country needs change now more than anything now.The socailist movement,has infected and indoctrinated our kids,they must be stopped.America because of these scum-bags-will never be the same again.As americans who love this country,and what our founding fathers gave us,must make a dission now.Do we just continue sitting here and do nothing,or do we ,stand up,and walk away from our computers,and climb into the trenches,yes that mins set,is everywere,women aint strong enough.Well if thats the case,weres the gop tuff guys.weres there leadership-why arnt they speeking out,from what i can see ,the only gop canadates I can see with the balls to take our country back,happen to be wareing skirts.the rest are hideing under there desks,only standing up when ask a question,and only then will they talk big,act like they care,(THEN LIKE ALWAYS,THEYLL GIVE A POLITICALLY CORRECT RESPONCE)Then run and hide under there desks.Its time our country stands up and excepts the reality of life,(WOMEN AINT GOING NOWERE.)Its time they are put in leadership possions.Im HILLBILLY,And i ask my self every-day,what would my wife do if i slapped her,(she would knock me out,)what would my wife do if i messed around on her ,,with another women,(she d cut it off ,and stuff it down my throat,when i was sleeping.her power comes from suprise attacts,i ask her why she never lets something i did go,she never forgets ,shit,never.NOW ask yourself this,who do men fear most,its not the big mfer in front of you threatning to woop ur ass,you just take him out,if you go out with the guys to have a beer,and the ladys are everywere,do you let it go and have fun,or are you looking over your shoulder the hole time,to see if momma walking in the door yet.LOL- THIS IS A HILLBILLYS TAKE ON WOMEN,THEY BEEN TELLING US WHAT TO DO FOR YEARS.My wife can punch,shoot,work,and play,just as hard as i do.WERE READY FOR WOMEN TO LEAD.(PALIN AND BACKMANN)ARE TO WOMEN ID DIE FOR WITHOUT A 2ND THOUGHT.I PRAY ,WE ARE ABLE TO PUT THEM,WERE THEY DISERVE TO BE.there needs to be on the tickit a strong man,This would ease the mind of voters,Theres a couple out there,but the 1 that stands out over um all is (WEST )America we must stop this bullshit bickering amoungst east other and wake up.The left -lead by obamma is vary vary dangerest.and killing americans to get what they want,will be easy.obamma has already proved this buy supporting,the mob controled unions,he knows how they operate,brutallity,threats,and guns.People are about to start dieing.obamma paid the union ,billions of our tax dollars to assure he gets what he wants.Its now or never america,Do you just give in,to obamma,or do you fight.this country will never be the same again.If were gonna defend our country,it must start now.Theres no avoiding death,some will die,soon.obammas made sure of that.but we can limit the damage this monsters about to me,we will not have a 2012 election,we will be under marshal law,long before 2012.the unions will make sure of that,violence in the streets,starving americans,high cost of oil,food,all combined will drive americans to do crazy shit to servive.AMERICA-this is what obamma wants,you get crazy,he gets his excuse to order marshal law.plzzz my fellow americans,stand tuff,unite now.while we still have a glimmer of hope.OBAMMA MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE SOON.or we will loose.TRUST ME AMERICA PLZ-WE NEED REAL PATRIOTIC PEOPLE IN POWER,WITH THE ABUILITY TO LEAD,PALIN,AND BACKMANN,SEEM TO BE OUR ONLY HOPE,THERE THE ONLY 1 WITH ANY BALLS TO STAND UP FOR US,OUR SPEEKER HAS PROVEN TO BE A PUSSY,OBAMA HAS COMMITED SEVERAL CONSTATUTIONAL OFFENCES,HE CAN BE IMPEACHED.RISE UP INSIST ON IT NOW.PLZ,BY SUMMERS END ,THEYLL BE NO HOPE.ITS NOW OR NEVER.

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