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Friday, February 11, 2011


Friends america blew it last election.allowing this community organiser to talk his way into office,was the single most mistake we coulda ever made.If were gonna fix this country we have to remove him from office.personally impeachment of him ,and,reid,and polosie,are in order.theres a lot of dems-out there need to be removed,our constatution has become a stepping stone for these brakes my heart to see these people distroy our way of life,our country,our childrens country.and future.Dont get me wrong,theres a couple republicans need these asses kicked friends,if we dont get it right on nov-2012,were finished.We are now the laughing stock of the world.We must unite now or loose forever our way of life.We need to start by reaching as many dems as posable,try to get them to see the damage already done,Im a dem people,dont get me wrong,i loved being a dem,untill the party lost there way.Ronald regan changed my life,my point of view on everything.he showed me that you must be a american 1st,my party or the republican party is just a title.plz my friends reach as many obama supporters as you can,be nice to them,show them your upset,but not with them,show them (country 1st )is way more importent than free goverment handout,free money,goverment health,this is not the time to be lazy-dependent on goverment,is what got us here.WE MUST TURN THE PAGE,-(WE MUST GET IT RIGHT )

1 comment:

RENEGADE said...

Theres no more time for mistakes america we must get this right

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