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Sunday, February 13, 2011


America im not sure why he ran,what he thought he could do.But i come to the conclustion,hes nothing but a puppit,for the dems,and the spookie dude.weve reached a cross road in america,Theres no dought we have been sold out,Theres no dought the dems are head strung on makeing us a socailist country,dependent on our goverment,to take care of us.How deep there rooted into our political system ,i got no idea.lissioning to glenn beck,fallowing up on his leads,The man is right.So were now at a cross road,were do we go,what do we do.and how will we get it done.I dont no about you.but im not ready,or will i ever be ready to give up my freedom,i pray war dont brake out,i pray we can still have a vote in 2012 that means something,For some reason obama and the dems fear nothing,why,what do they no we dont.Why does our constatution mean nothing to them.They no 2012 there finished,But they still stand firm,why.are we gonna be attact before then,will there be a riot,forceing (MARSHEL LAW )whats going on.America i got a bad feeling on this 1.somethings wrong,EVIL is in the air.We must stick togeather,support each other,Or it could spell the end .Open your eyes america,Were in trouble,The left is up to something ,we must stop them now.Someone needs to organise a deminstration asap.We must force our goverment to lission to us,If we dont.Were finished,.GOD BLESS OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.

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