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Thursday, February 17, 2011


After 2 years of obama and demicratic rule,our country has went down hill,This administration,has spent ,spent,spent,now were 14 trillion dollars in the hole,They spent the 1st 2 years of rule on nothing but health care,although we didnt want it,they felt we didnt now what we wanted,we dont think straight,we cant make our own dissions,therefore,they lied to the people about stats,what was in the bill,infact,polosie her self said ,if we want to know whats in the bill-we will have to 1st pass the bill.lmfao-are you kidding me.When obama campained for this job,he told us Bush distroyed this country,bush built a hudge deficit,ruined the econnime,Bush was the bad guy.Hire me america ill fix it.( ill spread the wealth around)??thats free money)for you people,who wont work,he promised (transperency)for you num nuts on the left.(that means no bill will be passed,without allowing the american people to openly see the bill,(nadda-we seen nothing,republicans wernt allowed to be involved,demicratic bills passed were past without republican in-put.What im trying to say-The american people were screwed by the vary people they,hired.obama has lied from day 1 of his presedency, but yet his faithful base has continued to support this openly disitful man.This man while the american people were morning our dead heros,who fell in battle,defending the rights we have today,(well whats left,)what does obama do.unlike all prezes before him,obama instead of putting a reath on the tume of the unknown hero.he sends bidin-he goes golfing,talk about un-american.It would take me a week to exsplain everything this un-affective prez has done wrong.but most americans already no.and 2 years later,were no better off,when obama took office,bush left him a 500 billion dollar deficit,2 yrs of obama rule,14-trillion dollars in debt.that brakes down america to this (OBAMA IN 2 YRS HAS SPENT MORE MONEY THAN AL PRESADENTS BEFORE HIM COMBINED.)lmfao-America do you understand what that means,He bitched about the mess bush left him in a 500 billion debt,And in 2 years,He put us 14trill in debt.99% of this country dont even no how many zeros is in 14-trillion.AMERICA-cant you see whats happening,I AGREE,with 1 point ,he has proven he can spend money,that he does vary well.But thats all he does well,Ex trying to bring islamic rule to our country.HES WORKING REAL HARD ON THAT 2.What im trying to say america,as our presaent hes a complete utter failure,This community organiser,has completetly crushed our constatution,has failed to make us safer,hes allowing illegals to enter our country by groves,Our drug problems have sky rocked,crime rate has to of doubled,i cant prove that,but sure seems like it,Every attempt to close the borders has been crushed by obama and his administration,My god what is he trying to do.He has turned his back on isreal 1 of our greatest allies,plus do i need to remind you,(there gods people,)Why is it he is supporting anything anti-american-and trys to crush anything close to american.why did he make a world tiur threw the middle east appoligiseing for all the wrongs they feels america has done,he bowed to kings,kissed the hands of islamic rulers.i wander what he did for them in private,??makes me wander.What im trying to say america,he has failed,he has made our great nation a laughing stalk,our enommies no longer fear us,hes defunding our military,and sighned a treaty with russia to disband nukes,reduce our defences,and left us with no power to varify if russia is reduceing there arsanal.My god What are we gonna do if were attact.and we will be vary soon,Is this man our presadent-or is he someone else(.barrak hussain obamma.)-scary isnt it.America weres your pride,weres your honor to country.have you lost all your morels,have you lost respect for your country to.unlike obama ,i still love my country.Do you,well if you dont stand up fast,and defend her,your gonna loose her my dear friends,in my oppion,there wont be a 2012 election,we will be under marshel law-long before that.we will be fearing for our lives,long before that,troops will be patroling our streets,long before that.(AMERICA PLZ STOP THINK WHATS GOING ON AROUND YOU.)Im not fear mongering.if we did what obama has been doing and the left base,the demicrats,(we woulda been jailled or exicuted for treason.)plz think,why doesnt obama lission to how we feel and what we want,why do dems constantly bad mouth,run down,sara palin,glen beck,backman,,rush ,,think about it,these people openly love there country,begs our goverment to fallow our laws,laid down by our founding that wrong to love our way of life,im sorry the left radicals,the demicratic party,lost there love for our country,its there loss,But it stops there,most americans still loe this country,and are willing to die for her,just like the heros before,many died for this country,and many more will die for her.Who has convinced thesebrain washed commies on the left,that america is bad,america needs to be distroyed,who convinced these sad people,we are animals,our military are nothing but killers of inasent people.someone did,My friends if we dont wake up now ,not next year,our streets will become a killing field.theres millions of bad guys liveing amongst us right now,this has already been proven,alkada has sleeper cells all over this country,terrist groups from all over the world has cells here,all waiting for the word.and that word will be given soon.the person you work with,your nabor.the children of these sleeper cells,are in school right now with your children,think about it.1 word (kill)the infadels,when its given life will change forever.our schools will start blowing up,because the islamic kids were wired with exsplosivesyoull walk out your front door,your nabor will gun you down,then walk into your house and kill your family.youll go to the store,the mall,the gas station,all of a sudden it blows up.a person walking along the street,in the crowd,all of a sudden blows up.yes america,this is and will be your vary,near prepared so the next time you see a middle eastern person,think about this,is he the sleeper-alkada talked about.will he kill me.(might)you see in the karan-it states you can lie,and act like your enommies,to infiltrate you cant belive what there saying,because there religion gives them permision to lie.So all this brings us back to today.our bordrs are still not secure,our goverment is suing states who try to inforce them.our federal agents working in mexico are not allowed to arm themselfs or protect we get to our latest problem,a fed ice agent has been murderd,in drug dealers,the mexican army is worthless and helpless against these thugs,in the past,if a fed agent is killed,in another country,the us goverment would respond with overwelming force and kill the bad guys,what has this presadent done,what his responce gonna be.So far ive seen nothing,oh ya he dont like being botherd when he golfing,or maby hes haveing another beer summit,i havent checked,he might be on vacation again,speending our money.maby the 1st lady-lol-might have him hoe-ing the east lawn garden.whatever hes doing,this murder was a direct assult on this country.Our troops better begetting ready to assult the mexican cartels,if there not,this will be another treasonist act,hes commited against our country.well im tired america,my fingers are hurting from typing,i pray ive opened some of your eyes,to a problem this country has,this presadent has shown no leadership,he only showed us he could spend money and throw us into a downward distructive path.If we dont unite now,and force his resignation,he must be,not next year.unite or die america,its your choose.(united we stand-divided we will surly fall.

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