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Monday, February 14, 2011


im warning everybody,if america dont open there eyes ,real fast,we loose.we loose big time,our politions fear obama for some reason,demicrats have excepted to much money from soras,im telling you people (spookie dude)has got a full grip on our politions,i trully feel the american people are our only hope.(WE THE PEOPLE )have the power,way more than our politions.I think it high time we take matters into our own hands.obama must be impeached well before june of 2012.if we dont get this done,im afraid we loose.i got a feeling deep down,there will be no elections in 2012.only obamma and the dems no whats up.for some reason they fear nothing.theyve step on our constatution,over and over again,fearing no recorse from the republicans or the people.(MARSHEL LAW )is 1 power our presadent has that would stop any and all elections in 2012,.yes your right it would take a major-disaster to innact marshel law,what do you think will happen,if food goes up,gas gets out of control,people start starving to death,people become homeless,what would all this start.(riots,)-what if we are attact again,with in our cities.not big planes crashing into buildings,what if( soft targets are hit.)ya soft targets,your body is a soft target,its well known we have millions of sleeper cells in the united states,waiting on the orders from there imams-to start shooting us down,it might be your co-worker,your nabor,the gas station down the street,it could be a radical islamic terrest,all over your little town,waiting for the word to gun you down.yes america there here there ready waiting on the order,when itsgiven there will be blood in the streets,(this will be the excuse obamas waiting for to order )MARSHEL LAW.WAKE UP OR DIE AMERICA -ITS YOUR CHOOSE.

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