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Friday, November 25, 2011

Demicrates Will Retake Both Houses-in 2012,-Republican Party Is Divided,Establishment Republicans,Power Is More Importent Than Country,

It dont matter who is nominated as our choose for president,the #2 in command has more voter recognition than the front guy,we shoulda learnt that last election,yes i feel we had a well qualified person as #2 but she didnt have the support of the establishment republicans,and we lost.this election has to be right on.yes we need to get demicratic vots,but lets not forget who cost us last election,our own party leaders cost us,because they feared what palin would do to them,palin won the govenorship of alaska by a plat-form of promising to clean up corrupt think alaska had some,look at our intire rooster of politions.and when she was elected ,she fallowed threw with her promises.she fired and jailed a doz of them,thus makeing sara the most popular alaskin govenor in history.a palin vp-ship ment heads would role in washington. you want a palin in office america,ya better look at replaceing old school politions 1st.on both sides.ourpolitions will not investigate each other,we will and must do it.yes we need a new president,but we also need to replace many,many politions on both sides of the isle. Americans have been asleep the last 60 years.We allowed our elected officails to corrupt themselfs.Some politions Have been in office so long,an intire generation of americans now nobody else.This must stop.We must insist on 2 terms,no more for every elected offical,not just our president.the 2 term limit on a president was put there for a reason,prefenting a president from basically becomeing a dictator,Well America look closely,we have politions doing the same thing,We must insist on term limits,We Must.This Year We must look close at all politions,look at there time in office,if theve been there forever,fire not saying fire um all this time we do have good politions not corrupt,we cant clean house in 1 election,but we can eliminate the problem ones,bohner,peid,polosie,dod,franks,kerry,To name just a few.these are the key head acks right now,holding our country back,theres many more,you must dig deep,find um,campain against them,America were the only ones able to fix this mess,our plate is full,but if we start today,we can and will get our country back.the teaparty is strong,there reputation has been shit on by demicrateic left wing media,paid by rich demicrates anddddd  republicans,protest media,shut um down,force them to be true and faithful to is the root to all evil.Money cant compete against american voters if they look outside the box,we no the truth,if we investigate ourselfs.unfact we need to do some occupying ourselfs.occupy media outlets,occipy corropt politions,force them to retire,do it puecefilly.but stand your ground,and plzzzzz take a bath,every day.if you do this we can determine our enommie by there smell.-lol.America we have a job to do.we can and will take back our country.its ip to you.we have 13 months left ,after that were a few months im afraid we will be fighting in the streets,blood will be lost,,but ask yourself,what is the price to pay  for freedom,ask yourself,what price are you willing to assure a free america for your children,god bless america.

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